Conspiracy: Is Avril Lavigne who we think she is?


By: Kamille Sullivan and Megan Wood

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Avril Lavigne, the pop punk star idolized by many, may not be alive after all. At least that’s what some people are theorizing on the Internet.

In 2013, Lavigne came out with a new song titled “Hello Kitty.” Her fans were very confused because the song was not her style. It was very girly and even had dubstep! Everyone agreed that her songs “Girlfriend,” and “Here’s To Never Growing Up” definitely were not her style. So what happened?

Most artists have body doubles, especially if they were at the level of fame that Avril was in the early 2000’s. Her body double’s name is Melissa Mandela and she has a striking resemblance to Lavigne as with most body doubles. The conspiracy states that after her first album, Let Go, her grandfather passed away, causing her to spiral into depression and ultimately suicide. Her record label at the time (Arista) couldn’t deal with the fact that she died when she was so high up in the industry and her fame was growing exponentially, so they let Melissa step in and pose as her.

Looking deeper, we found evidence in her features. Compared to some photos over the years her nose has a different appearance, she is also missing several wrist tattoos and freckles. Another thing she is missing is some skin blemishes, and those stay with you for life. Avril was 1.58m in 2002 and now she’s 1.55m, it’s a little strange. She changed her autograph and fashion style, and what happened to her scarlet streaks?

Many of her fans state that the Avril would have never married Chad Kroeger, the lead singer and guitarist of the band Nickelback. Others can’t let go of the fact how much her music has changed when she came out with “Hello Kitty.” Her fans say she went from a pop punk to a Gwen Stefani wannabe.
Although she hasn’t spoken about the death allegations, last year “Fake” Avril was questioned about this in an interview. When she performed she fumbled the whole performance! All in all, Avril Lavigne will go down as one of most influential artists of the early 2000’s, but the person she is today and the music she makes can lead one to believe that things have changed, drastically.