School annoyances (A trashy appearance)

School annoyances (A trashy appearance)

By: Jennifer Perez


Cleanliness should be a priority, not an option, but some students here on campus believe otherwise. Whether it’s inside the cafeteria, the tables outside, or even the tables underneath the library; trash is always left behind. Not only does this make our school look less respectable, but it makes our student body look poorly as well.

It’s not a hard task to clean up after yourselves. I’m sure you’ve all been taught how to by whoever raised you. There is no reasonable excuse not to clean up after yourselves. Agua Fria is not your house, so it’s just disrespectful to make a mess where you have no business making it. Leaving your trash behind is also disrespectful towards the janitorial staff, which has to clean the mess up.

I believe students need to be taught to be more responsible and respectful towards the school. Learning manners is just as important as the content we learn in all other classes.

Students need to be taught to not throw food all over the floor. I see students constantly throw food trying to make it into the trash cans but inevitably miss. A message to all these kids: you are not all professional basketball players that make every shot, you are not in middle school to be acting like a child, and your food is not something to be thrown around like a game.

It may sound excessive, but I believe that there needs to be some sort of lunch trash monitors. Whether it be custodial or other faculty members, I think it would benefit the school to have someone reprimand students for making a mess. I think consequences should be taken if students choose not to clean up after themselves or refuse to. Perhaps these students should be forced to clean up after lunch if they’ve been reprimanded for leaving a mess. This would teach students the hardships they create for those who have to clean up after everyone else.

Implementing this method of developing good habits will make our school better. It would also teach our students to have more respect for our campus and faculty.