How To Survive Freshman Year 101

By: Alan Agundez Castillo       (find me on twitter @OwlFeedAlan)                                                                                                                    

 e7564ec52325bb7e527c26d09689f114f1c60e7844568e2cc06f1e5bc8ca8b37Freshman year. Your first few steps into a new school might be the scariest thing you ever do. This is the year that sets up your high school career — the year that sends you into the unknown, the year that begins a new chapter in your life.

As a freshman, there are many things that you don’t know, and that I’m just learning (I’m a freshman too.) I decided to seek out the wisdom of some  upperclassmen — fellow OwlFeed writers Sarah Loya, Bianca Ibuado and sophomore Kylan Sullivan — to hear some advice  on how to succeed in freshmen year!

I asked them a series of questions about what would be key to survive your freshman year. Here keep-calm-we-freshman-got-swagare their responses:

  1. What is the most difficult part of being a freshman?

Sarah: Knowing your way around campus would difficult. I had a class in the A building and I didn’t know it existed.

Kylan: Spanish class was hard.

2.  What made freshman year enjoyable?

Sarah & Bianca: Friends. Hanging out with them makes things better. Also you start building a relationship with teachers and still keep in touch with them.

Kylan: Meeting new people and the teachers are a lot cooler.

3.  Were your expectations of high school the same or different?

Sarah: I thought my freshmen would be terrible!

Bianca: I expected it to like to be the movies, but at the same time it is real life.

Sarah: Freshmen year will be one of your best years, as the year goes on it will get more stressful.

Sarah & Bianca: The teachers in middle school lied to us! They said that we would get five hours of homework and we would fail if we missed one assignment.

4.  Are all the upperclassmen jerks?

Bianca: I thought that they would want to beat me you so I was like, “Don’t be the annoying freshmanfreshman in class.”

Kylan: I was scared of the seniors, but the upperclassmen here are all nice.

Sarah: They’re chill if you’re chill.

5.  Is it difficult to make friends?

Sarah & Bianca: It depends on the person that you are, you can’t be a loner in high school as the teachers are forcing you to talk to each other and meet new people.

6.  Should freshman get involved in clubs/sports?

Kylan: Yes, I regret that I didn’t.

Sarah: Do something after school. It keeps you occupied and gives you something to look forward too.

7.  What clubs should freshmen join?

Sarah:  Journalism!!! That’s always fun!

Bianca: I’m doing Art Club.

8.  Should freshman worry about their career?

Sarah: Yes!!! It goes by so fast so when the time comes you’ll be like, “Oh what do I do now?”

Kaylan: This is the time to start thinking. Do what makes you happy.

Bianca: If you want to be a vet, be a vet. If you want to be a butterfly catcher, be a butterfly catcher.

9.  What advice would you give freshmen?

Sarah: It gets really stressful at times, but just step back, take a breath and head on.class_of_2019_copy

Bianca: Stay on track with your work. Be happy, have fun and be yourself.