13 reasons why you need to read this book!

By: Angela Macias


The book “The Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher begins with a box of tapes. A boy named 63be691d88d7134ce67fa02b36e9ac35.jpgClay Jensen goes to a post office with a box of tapes to return, but before this, the book goes back to the time he found them on his front steps with no return address. He listens to the tapes with curiosity, not knowing what he will hear. He made the mistake of listening. It was from Hannah Baker, a girl who had killed herself two weeks ago.

The tapes contained information about Hannah’s life and why she decided to take it. She explains that there are thirteen reasons why and if you were listening then you are part of the reason or somehow involved.

Clay was confused by this. He had not spoken to her much. He actually had kissed her once and he had feelings for her but never had a chance to tell her or anyone else. Included with the tapes is also a map so that when you visit these places and listen to the tapes, you get a better experience.

Clay does what he is told. If not, Hannah claims, there are eyes that are watching. However, he also wanted to know why he received the tapes in the first place. Clay goes to every place that was marked on the map and listens to Hannah’s voice.

He learns things about her that he had not known: why people said certain things or why she was the way she was. He is just learning about her after she’s gone.

He discovers the negative experiences that Hannah has gone through. It changed him in a way, made him realize more, see the things he didn’t before. He felt like he didn’t know her as much as he thought, but after today he will not forget. When he gets to his tape he listens very carefully with so much fear that he was a reason she left.
A movie version of the book is coming soon on Netflix on March 31, 2017. So don’t forget to check that out too!