Should Valentine’s Day even be a Holiday?

By: Kirsten Meyers

Valentine’s Day is a day to not be a horrible person to your significant other. However, you should always be nice to your boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever you’re into, not just on that day. In this blog post you’re going to see my personal views on the whole Valentine’s Day fiesta. Before I get started, I’m just going to state that this is my personal opinion on how I feel towards Valentine’s Day, so no way am I bashing on it.

Firstly, Valentine’s Day just seems like a cheesy holiday and we shouldn’t even celebrate it because it’s not needed at all. Though it is pretty cool to get gifts from people, I just don’t think it’s necessary to like celebrate it like it’s going out of style. Reason being, is you can buy your S.O. many gifts throughout the year and you could buy more special gifts on something else that’s way more important like.

Secondly, who wants to spend sixty dollars on a piece of candy and another 60 on a huge bear? I’m not sure what all the hype is about with the big sized bears and overpriced candy but, hey, whatever makes your significant other happy. I honestly just look forwarded to the day after Valentine’s Day because all the candy is cheap and it’s so great.unnamed (1)

Thirdly, companies are so happy that you’re buying your loved one overpriced flowers, chocolates, and cards. You’re literally helping them make bank, as you waste away that $60 dollars you just spent on candy when you really could’ve just took them out to the movies and bought a huge bucket of popcorn for half the price.

In addition, I’ve never really been a fan of Valentine’s just because I’d rather someone show me they like me by just letting me know they enjoy me in their presence. Yeah, I know. Call me weird but, in the end one holiday shouldn’t determine if a person likes another person or not. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be one day if you’re dating someone. It should feel like Valentine’s Day every day with that special someone. 

Lastly, Valentine’s Day is just a day where you can cheat and spend as much as you’d like on the other one at the end of the day and not realize it. Remember, don’t forget to tell your boyfriend/girlfriend that they’re special to you and be safe every Valentine’s Day!