We Have to Present Our Senior Thesis?

By: Piper Warf

It has now been made a requirement for seniors to present their senior thesis in front of the class as part of their grade. I’ve heard a lot of seniors complaining about this new rule and I am in agreement with them.

A few common things I’ve heard around campus are these seniors feel it isn’t fair at all that seniors in the past years didn’t have to present and also they feel they are going to receive a bad grade because they have stage fright, so they might not do as good. Although this presentation will be over within a time span of 4-7 minutes, these seniors, even myself, are majorly stressed out about it.cartoon-guy-frozen-in-the-spotlight-at-a-podium-by-ron-leishman-9984

Some teachers already had their students present their papers, but there are more students in other classes presenting in April. I don’t understand why this was made a requirement and I honestly don’t even care to know because it’s not changing, but I’m not a fan of this at all. We seniors are already stressed about getting our papers to reach their teachers expectations, but now we also have to worry about what we want to present in front of the whole class. We can’t help but think “This is unfair that we have to do this and the seniors before didn’t,” but we just have to push through it even though we really don’t want anything to do with it.

We have 2 more months until we walk up on stage and get rewarded that diploma we’ve been waiting to get since we stepped foot inside high school 4 years ago. Let’s make these last 2 months worth something. Good luck Owls.