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Welcome Our Owls!!!
News Editor
David Reynaga
Media Editor

When I met this man I was not expecting much(is this mean? lol) but I was truly blown away. David is a senior at Agua Fria High School and he has an electric personality that I was Astonished by. He...

Estaban Espinoza
Estaban Espinoza
Sports Reporter

Quiet and mighty, Esteban is a mysterious guy , but once you get to know him, he is a very interesting and sweet guy! As time goes by, you realize, he is just a passionate and motivated person, focused...

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“The Big Bang Theory” Prequel Series In The Works

By: Timmy Johnson
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The hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory has officially been renewed for two more seasons after the current tenth season. However the series creators Bill Brady and Chuck Lorre have something else in mind about keeping the series going for many years to come.

Of course, not all TV series live forever, and they always have to eventually wind down and end sometime. As the actors on the show continue to grow older and are wishing to depart from the series in favor to follow new dreams, the series creators of the show want to keep the popular TV series going somehow.

y2tXtbryUNvlIt has officially been announced a while back that a spin-off series is in the works for the Big Bang franchise. This will actually be a mix of a prequel and a spin-off, and will be set years before the events of the series. And who else is a better choice for the star of the prequel series than Dr. Sheldon Cooper, perhaps the most iconic character of the entire series.

Sheldon has quite an interesting childhood, which he reveals tidbits of it throughout the series. This include him going to college at the age of 12, being bullied all the time, feuding with his older brother George Cooper and his twin sister Missy Cooper, and many more.

This prequel series is titled Young Sheldon, and it will explore Sheldon’s life as a little kid, and will be presented in a single camera, being a difference from the main series which uses a multi-camera system. As this will focus on a younger version of Sheldon Cooper, his chief actor Jim Parsons will not be returning in the series; instead Parsons will work behind the scenes on the new show, with the role of young Sheldon being portrayed by Iain Armitage, a young child actor. Although the present day Sheldon will not appear in the prequel series, he will serve as the narrator of the series in each episode.

Besides the actor of young Sheldon, it is really unknown who else will star in the prequel series. None of the other main actors on The Big Bang Theory will return in the prequel series, so it is obvious that this show will feature a whole new young cast. Laurie Metcalf, the actor who portrays Sheldon’s religious mother, may definitely return to reprise her role as Mary Cooper. Sheldon’s older brother George Cooper may make his debut, and Sheldon’s twin sister Missy Cooper (who once appeared in the main series all the way back in a Season 1 episode) may expect to return as well.

All of Sheldon’s childhood bullies may be met face to face, and the audience may learn about how Sheldon grew up to be so quirky as an adult. There are many unanswered questions that may finally see the light of day in this new series.

Overall, this prequel series has a lot of potential, and hopefully it will keep the franchise livin for many years to come. It may be exciting to explore Sheldon’s childhood and his background. While all the audience got in the main series were small references every now and then, this prequel series has the chance of finally answering all of the questions that audiences have wondered for years. It will be a brilliant project, just as long as it retains the charm of the original series.

Young Sheldon is speculated to premiere in the 2017-2018 year, and it will air alongside the main series The Big Bang Theory on the primetime hours on CBS.

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