Why You Need To Read The Catcher In The Rye

Angela Macias


The story begins with Holden Caulfield, who leaves the story with as little information about himself as possible. Holden is a teen who goes to a grand school called Pencey Prep, a school Rye_catcherhe didn’t like much, but then again Caulfield wasn’t much of a school type of guy and that’s why he’s no longer in school. He didn’t do his work, didn’t seem to care for it anymore. So he was to leave Pencey Prep.

The next day, Holden left for New York. After being punched in the face by his roommate, Stradlater.  He had enough money to stay maybe a few days, and he did.

Holden is a type of person who hates many things. Throughout the story he mentions that he hates movies, Stradlater, people who act like clean people but really aren’t and the word “grand.” He was a guy who’s a little lost in life and that’s why he tells you his story on that day.

When he gets to New York, he goes to all sorts of places: the bar, the hotel, the ice skating rink, and eventually to his home with Phoebe. Phoebe is one of the only people he likes. Phoebe is Holden’s smarter, younger sister who he visits in the story. He goes to her because she is one of the only people he can talk to. He used to have someone in his life he cared about, but he lost him. His name is Allie, Holden’s brother who died.
This is the main plot of the story, Holden getting through his life with his brother Allie on the back of his mind. He didn’t seem to care for anything anymore. He had lost someone important in his life and he is losing himself too. So that’s why he ends up in the hospital, where he is telling you the story of how he got there.