Growing Up Too Soon: A Review of “13 Going on 30”

By: Catherine Robinson

    The movie, 13 Going On 30, was released August of 2004. It ranked 6.1 stars out of 10. It was rated PG 13. 13 Going On 30 was directed by Gary Winick.

    Jennifer Garner plays Jenna Rimk.

    Mark Ruffalo plays Matt Flamhaff.

    Judy Geer plays Lucy Wyman.

    Jenna Rink is a typical 13 year old girl. She wants to be “thirty, flirty, and thriving”, said by Jenna when her 13th birthday party went wrong.MV5BYzMxYTMzODQtNTg5Yy00NTcwLWFiMGUtM2U5MjU5MzU3NTEyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTQ1NzU4Njk@._V1_

    Her best friend, Matt, made her a “Jenna dream house”. He sprinkles magic dust on the roof of the dream house and she’s supposed to make a wish.

   All the popular kids knock at the front door and. So she puts the dream house on the highest shelf in the closet in the basement where the party is.

    Then Lucy suggests they play 7 minutes in heaven. Lucy says that Jenna should go first since it’s her birthday. She also says that Chris, who Jenna has a crush on wants to be the first with her which makes Jenna happy and excited.

    Lucy blindfolds Jenna and leads her to the closet. Lucy talks to Jenna about where the homework was. Jenna tells her and they take it and leave.

   Matt comes down the stairs and Lucy tells him Jenna’s in the closet waiting for him. Which she wasn’t, she was actually waiting for Chris, the star quarterback.

    When Matt opens the door and talked to her, she was utterly upset. She pushed him out of the closet and locked herself in the closet.

    She sat in the floor with her knees to her chest and began rocking back and forth with her back slamming the shelves. She kept saying over and over her famous line “thirty, flirty and thriving”. Then the next thing she knows she’s 30, but with the  mentality of a 13 year old. She lives life to the fullest. Partying and flirting, until she realizes she’s not friends with Matt anymore. Hes about to marry another woman, but Jenna realizes she’s in love with him. He gives her back the dream house.

    She then takes it back to her childhood house on the porch and wishes to be 13 again. Next thing she knows she is back in the closet on her birthday.