OPINION: How I Feel About Spirit Week

By: Kirsten Meyer

Disclaimer: This story will be based on my personal experience with Spirit Week and how I feel towards my old high school’s spirit weeks and Agua Fria’s Spirit Week.

Spirit Week can be fun, don’t get me wrong, but when it isn’t planned out in advance it can turn for the worst. Spirit Week at Agua Fria is OK, but not great. What I mean is that whenever we do have a Spirit Week, they don’t tell us like two weeks in advance or even a week. They just announce it on the speakers a few days beforehand.unnamed-2

Student council wonders why we never dress up. Well, this would be a reason. They are always doing things last minute. That’s why no one dresses up (common sense).

At Oak Creek High School, my old high school, we got into the spirit weeks and they were planned at least a month beforehand and at least three weeks before the actual spirit week they’d tell us what we needed and what we should expect to see during that week. Not everyday needs to be tied together! CRAZY! Right?

I honestly think that if Student Council really wanted to get into Spirit Week they would actually plan out the week. If they really want to go based on something for Friday then go ahead. But, make it at least fun and exciting. I was very disappointed with Student Council’s spirit weeks this year. It just seemed so rushed. I personally think they need to just take a step back and just rethink things.

However, they did do some things that weren’t that bad. They held that fundraiser for Brett, the little boy that had a disease and the school raised so much money for him to go to Disneyland for his whole family. That was a good memory.

I feel like even for prom, they could’ve done something fun with the week before it. A Spirit Week could’ve been put in place and we all could’ve dressed up and been complete weirdos and just had a fun week.

Anyways, I’m done with this rant. HAVE AN AMAZING DAY TO WHOEVER READS THIS!