5 things I learned as a freshman

Lauren Mitchell

The transformation from middle school to high school can be a big deal for the new incoming freshmen. You are going from being the high class to the low class of the school, from a small school to a huge school with thousands of students. It is a different territory and after a year of being the “freshie” I have learned a few things.IMG_0889

  1. You have a million chances to make friends. With six classes you have a chance to make new friends in each class. When I started my freshman year I had none of my friends in my classes, they always had the opposite class periods. It was hard at first, but when I got out of my comfort zone, I met amazing friends in each of my classes.
  2. Take every chance you are given. Sometimes high school can seem so bland, nothing to look forward to, like your living the same old boring day over again. I found that joining clubs and going to events can make your days way less boring.
  3. Do not give up on your grades. As one of my teachers said, “Don’t dig the hole for yourself.” Every assignment in that grade book counts. Do them! One failed assignment could break your grade. Many people in my English class learned that the hard way. So, try your hardest on your work because it all counts!
  4. High school is not something to be scared about. High school is not something you really need to freak out about. It is not as scary as movies and TV shows make it seem. The only things that could be scary is what you make your grades look like.
  5. Treat everyone around you with respect. Teachers, fellow students, bus drivers, the entire staff, all these people deserve respect just like you do. Teachers can be tough but they are just trying to help you. Some you only see once a day but they still deserve respect because they are here to help you.

Whether you’ve already learned this or you have no clue what high school is like, you will understand. Surviving high school is easy, it is only hard if you make it that way. Use these 5 things I learned to help you get through high school!