‘Boku No Hero Academia’ Anime Explores the Super Hero Theme

By: Gia Yates

One of the better, short anime that came out this year has had me on the edge of my seat all the time I’ve been following it. Beside the addictive theme, loveable characters, and amazing story we are given so much to enjoy about this series. While the idea of Shōnen Anime grows day by day, with influences from Naruto and One Piece, this anime draws more close to the unique idea of super heroes.

MHA_kabegami_A.pngWe are placed in the middle of a world full of heroes and villains, while our main character, Midoriya Izuku, builds up the idea that he is useless to the world where heroes are becoming a necessity, he finds himself looking up to the hero who fights with a smile, All Might.

At school Midoriya is picked on and even ridiculed by his childhood friend Bakugo Katsuki. While Katsuki, a hot-headed temperamental young boy was given the strongest quirk within the school, explosion we slowly start to see the relationship between Katsuki and Midoriya die into nothing more than a timid flame. While Midoriya finds both himself and the world falling down in horror, we are given the strength of a beautiful story saver when Midoriya is finally given his quirk through a sudden revaluation.

Once Midoriya learns more about his quirk he applies to the school of his dreams. As the story builds into a competition for glory between students, we see the power of each turn into a masterpiece of heroism. The side character, which are placed throughout the story, come to play as each of their quicks is special and somehow an important part to the story.

In this story while we follow Midoriya, we also are given the stories strong points of where each character grows and becomes a whole new person.

With season 2 coming out a week at a time, I can say that it has only been helping my love for this show turn into an addiction. Personally I always highly recommend an anime jam-packed full of action and a brilliant story, but this story has done more than just entertain me, this story has taught me many things, such as: “Why give up before even trying?” and “Never forget that you are your biggest critic.”  

While reading it has made the strongest impact on me, I always recommend, I am still hyped about how well the animation, story, and style of this anime are brought to life.