Report Claims Trump Revealed Classified Information

By: Lenny Sosa

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Recently it was reported by CNN news that “President Donald Trump shared highly classified information with the Russian foreign minister and Russian ambassador.”

This was revealed by an two unknown officials who confirmed Trump had released information that did not directly state the classified information, but is a possible door for Russia to look further into finding it.

This seems to be a problem because of problems already surrounding Donald Trump who has been on in and out controversies that have marked his presidency.IMG_0896

Donald Trump also claims he did not reveal any information, and the White House backed him up, stating: “Donald Trump did not reveal any classified information.”

As of late it is hard to believe whether Trump has told the truth which is why many have opposed his presidency. Russia has been a country linked to Trump since before he won the election, having been accused of helping him win the election, which they denied but have kept a relationship with each other.

This leaves us to try and look further into this situation, because it is not right that the public has no clue as to what the president is doing.

Even if these claims have been denied, how are we to know this is the truth, especially after the two officials spoke on the record about it being true?

The final the question to ask is whether we should believe the president or question whether he has a valid argument as to why he did not do this. Soon we should find out more about this as all things eventually come to light.