Meet Lauren Albrecht

By: Kallie Swanson
OwlFeed journalist

Our journalism team definitely hit the jackpot with this writer; meet Lauren Albrecht. Lauren is a senior here at Agua Fria High School, and is 17 years old. She was born on June 22, 2000, in Poughkeepsie, New York.

FullSizeRenderLauren sets the bar high for a senior here at Agua Fria. “I am involved in way too many clubs,” she said. She is in National Honors Society, theatre, Link Crew, Improv, and even secretary of the Writing Center. So, let’s just say she is VERY involved.

Outside of clubs Lauren keeps herself busy by doing community theatre, singing, acting and even binge watching Netflix. “I binge watched Netflix in my free time like all summer,” she said. Lauren loves movies, and the color electric blue. “I love books, but it takes so long to read one when I could watch a movie in like an hour and a half!” she said.

Lauren has a very “loud” family. The most significant moment in her life was when her younger sister was born. “I don’t remember it but, like, where would I be without my sister,” she said. She couldn’t live without her cats, Netflix and her bed.

School has always been a big part of Lauren’s life. She is full of accomplishments. “I already got my first year of college done in high school, for free, which helps,” she said. However, Lauren wishes that she would have been more involved in sports in high school. “I was always so busy with clubs, but lately I have been very athletic,” she said.

Lauren prefers winter over summer. “Summers are way too hot out here,” she said. She loves rainy days over sunny ones. “I like rain, but we don’t have much of that here,” she said. Her grandmother inspires her in many ways. “She is just someone I can really talk to and she is accepting. She’s never judgemental.”

After high school, Lauren either wants to pursue a career in law, but lately she has been thinking about physical therapy. “Ideally, I would want to be a news reporter, but if that doesn’t work out then law or physical therapy,” she said. After she graduates, Lauren hopes to get into an in state school with a full ride.

Alternative or classical music is her favorite when she’s busy studying, but she can listen to anything. If she had the choice to live anywhere in the world she would live in New York, Philadelphia or San Diego.

Lauren is a very optimistic person, and a sweetheart. She has lots of hopes and opinions for the world around her. “I believe the world would be such a better place if we were accepted for who we are.,” Lauren said.

Horror movies don’t scare Lauren but, something that scares her are stories about people who do horrible things to other people. “Like murders; like woah, this is actually a person who just puts 17 people in his basement,” she said.

Lauren joined journalism because she LOVES writing. “English has always been my  my favorite subject,” she said. We are lucky to have such a talented writer joining our team!