Meet Jaeden Andrade

By: Elizabeth Sandoval
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Meet Jaeden Andrade. He is a 16-year-old junior at Agua Fria High School and is from Avondale and is 16 years old.

Jaeden said he enjoys Agua Fria and has many years of generations of his family who attended to Agua Fria. when he says “Yeah actually I think this place is really cool because all my family came here starting with my grandma who is like 60 and yeah everybody has been here,” he said.

Outside of school Jaeden plays golf and is in Deca says he does “golf, and I’m in Deca”. He also has one sibling, which is his older brother named Manuel and says  “He was in theater and improv at Agua Fria,” he said.

Jaeden talks about his family how close they are. when he says “Family is really cool, we are close together,” he said.

At home he has two dogs: named Fitzy, after NFL Cardinals player Larry Fitzgerald, and Miklo, who is named from Blood in and Blood Out. Fitzy is half pit Bull and half lLabrador. Miklo is half Jack Russell and half chihuahua.

He cares for the environment and cares a lot about animals. The love he has for his dogs is so much because he has them as his phone wallpaper. He has a couple of hobbies. he said “I watch a lot of movies and play golf,”he said.

He also talks about the places he has traveled, which are Washington, Oregon, California and New Mexico. He also says “I’ve been to Mexico like 3 times,” he said. He has family that live in Washington State. If he could go anywhere in the world it would be Spain.

He also tells me about his love for music. He says “I usually listen to hip pop or 70’s rock music,” Jaeden said. He said he likes to listen to all types of music in general. His favorite artist is Denzel Curry because he said, “I like when he references Dragon Ball Z on his rap.”. Jaeden says that he’s “really good at movie trivia games.”. He says his unknown fact is that he “goes to Goodwill a lot.”.

Jaeden has his own VHS collection. His favorite movie is “Army of Darkness” which is the third Evil Dead movie. It is directed by Sam Raimi. Jaeden wants to go to film school after high school. He also says he has his own YouTube channel where he uploads videos. He says “I tried out for improv”. He is also thinking of joining Skills USA.