OPINION: Lunch Lines Still Too Long

By: Dayshia Stratton

Lunch is very important to us as humans, especially high school students. The way Agua Fria High School’s lunch line functions raises a lot of thoughts. While talking to many students and staff, I have heard different opinions about the way the lines function. These are the thoughts of different people with different roles during lunch.

Serving_lineMany people at our school feel that the waiting time in the lunch lines has had a big improvement compared to the beginning of the school year. Jose Trevino, shared with me his opinion of what the lunch lines are like now. He stated that ¨people know what they are doing now and so now it is a little bit more organized.¨  He feels the lines have become less chaotic since the beginning of the school year. There are still those few times that are chaotic and he explains those days,¨depending on the day, if they have specials or some holiday meal, you spend more time waiting in line than eating your food.¨

Darlene Alband, the lead cook at Agua Fria explained how the lines move quicker and more effectively. Darlene explained that ¨The students know they need their IDś out or need to know their numbers when they go to order their food.¨ she said ¨And we got brand new computers.¨ The computers work more efficiently than the computers did last year which helps speed up the process in the lunch lines.

Even though the waiting times are improving, there are still days where the lines get chaotic and never- ending. According to Darlene,¨Wednesday’s and Thursday’s second lunch are much busier. The new freshmen are not trying the food on the hot line.¨ she said. Which in turn, makes the three main lunch lines busier compared to the hot line. Some students feel that the most chaotic days are the days that the cafeteria serves specials for holidays.

Most people feel that the lunch lines have had a huge improvement since the beginning of the year and the cooks have made improvements to the kitchen that have also lessened time in the lunch lines.