Fall Frenzy: All Things Fall Related

fall2It’s official, summer is ending. It’s happening whether we like it or not. Some places may not feel it right away, but the cold is coming, and we need to prepare for it as much as possible.

The Fall is the time to embrace the cold before it’s freezing and we no longer want to step outside. The temperature finally drops below 75° and we can bust out the big sweaters/boots.

Every basic Fall clothing item will be used, and pumpkin patches will be visited. And don’t worry, we will have your guide to having the best Fall ever, before Dec. 21 rolls around and winter has hit with no mercy.

Through the duration of this column we plan to give you the best Fall-based advice. You may get sick of all the Fall posts on Twitter and Instagram, but with this column ran by Morgan Weeg, Oumou Bah, Ashley Daley, and Aleah Blaszak, plan to get you through it all while having the most fun with all of your family and friends.

So, play Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood, grab your pumpkin-spiced lattes and sit back as we take you through the best Fall fashion, things to do, and all things Halloween.