The Top Five Things You Should Be Wearing This Fall

By: Ariana Moreno

OwlFeed Journalist

Top Five Things You Should Be Wearing This Fall

  1. Oversized Tees & Sweaters Are a Must! The weather is nice and cozy and just right for loose fit clothing. An oversized top is perfect because it gives you that comfy yet put together look. You can purchase this top at Forever21.



2. Ankle, Combat, Knee High Boots You Name It!

 If you don’t have a pair of boots in your closet you need to get you some girl! Boots are a girl’s best friend when it comes to fall. They put together any look and also keep your feet warm while still looking cute. These ankle heel boots can dress up any fall outfit.


3. Can’t Stop The Crop!Embroidered Off-The-Shoulder Crop Top


Fall is just right for showing off a little bit of skin, not too much but not too little. Try sticking with dark colors such as army green, dark green, burgundy, and shades of brown. This crop top will give you that style you’re looking for. 
4. Leggings

Leggings are every girls go to look for every fall. You can roll out of bed throw on a shirt and a necklace but still look put together. Leggings can be purchased anywhere, but I would recommend Charlotte Russe. 

5. Rompers

Long sleeve rompers,  like this one can still give you a super cute look, but also keep you warm for the chilly days. Even short sleeve rompers can be adorable for the warmer days.