A Blast from the Past! – Spirit Week

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Having trouble figuring out what to wear for Agua Fria’s 60th Anniversary Homecoming: Diamond Decades? Whether you want to go all out or simply show some school pride, here’s a few ideas to help!

Monday 9/28 *50’s Day*

All Out: (Ladies)Monday

-Pink Jacket

-Black Capri pants

-Oxford Shoes

-“Ratted” Hair (Big, poofy hair)

-Cat eye glasses

-A sense of pride in your walk

Simple: (Ladies)

-Pink shirt

-Black pants or leggings


-Hair in a ponytail

-A sense of pride in your walk

All Out: (Men)

-Leather jacket

-Plain, white shirt tucked in

-Light, blue jeans rolled up

-High socks


-Slicked back hair

Simple: (Men)

-White shirt

-Jeans rolled up


-High socks

Tuesday 9/29 *60’s/70’s Day*

All Out: (Ladies)Tuesday

-Shirts or dresses with tie-dye

-Shirts or dresses that are flowy and with flowers

-Flower Crown

-Heart shaped, round, or colored glasses

-Anything with intricate designs

-Denim on denim

Simple: (Ladies)

-Flower apparel

-Tie dye shirt

-Flower crown

All Out: (Men)

-Matching shirt and pants

-Bell-bottomed pants

-Loose, casual suits

-Afro or long hair

-High pants

-Denim on denim

Simple: (Men)

-Tie dye apparel

-Flower apparel


Wednesday 9/30 *80’s Day*

All Out: (Ladies)

-Bright, neon colorsWednesday

-Workout attire

-Crazy designs

-Puffy hair


-Crimped hair

Simple: (Ladies)

-Neon colored clothing


-Workout clothes

All Out: (Men)

-Bright, neon colored shirts or pants

-Crazy designs

-Shirt tucked in

-Sweater wrapped over shirt

-Ruffled hair

Simple: (Men)

-Bright colored clothes

-Sweater over shirt

-Patterned pants

Thursday 10/1 *90’s Day*

All Out and Simple: (Ladies)Thursday

-All black outfits

-Choker necklace

-Chunky shoes

-Loose, denim overalls

-Crop Tops

-White washed jeans

-High waisted pants or shorts

-Clips in hair


All Out: (Men)

-Baggy shirts

-Baggy pants with holes

-Gelled up hair in spikes

-Cut-off pants


-Chunky shoes

Simple: (Men)


-Baseball tees

-Shirt tucked in


-Black Clothes

Friday 10/2 *00’s Day*

All out and Simple: (Ladies and Men)

Wear Red!!!!Friday