10 Places To Visit Around Phoenix


Are you out of unique ideas for weekend getaways or fun staycations in the Phoenix area? Check out this list of the best places for the most fun, adventure, and originality.  

1.Waterfall Canyon in White Tank Mountains Regional Park:  This family friendly outdoor excursion is the dream activity for the adventurous. Not only do these hiking trails offer breathtaking scenery and modest exercise, they are fit for all ages. The young, old, lively, reserved: everyone can find a piece of it to love.

In the cooler months especially, hiking this trail can lead to unexpected fulfillment. At the end of the hike, you’ll come across the alluring hum of the White Tank waterfalls, draining from and onto the infamous white rocks the mountains were named for.

There is no limit to the experience. Whether it be for space to think or a breath of fresh air, a new route to travel or some fun on the weekend: this is a must for anyone looking for fun in Phoenix.

2. Phoenix Art Museum   : A joy for lovers of art and anyone with an itch for the interesting, Phoenix Art Museum is a must visit.

With a mix of modern architecture and art styles along with historic pieces and techniques, this exciting weekend visit is suitable to all tastes. At an especially cheap price with such aesthetic displays, this walkthrough will take up to three hours to explore.

And it’s worth it. This longstanding cultural outlet has inspired and struck the lives of so many, artistically inclined or not, all over the Phoenix area. Don’t miss out on this thought provoking adventure into the world of artistry.

3. Harkins Theatres: Yes, I know, we all love the movies. This is nothing new. But did you know that now you can lie down and enjoy a film like you’re at home, while still going out? You did? That’s fine too.

Harkins Theatres is a great place to visit for all the reasons you already know: cheap movies, good snacks, fun outings- the works. It can’t get better than going out with your friends, eating some ridiculously buttered and absolutely delicious popcorn, then sitting down to laugh and cry and “ooh” and “ahh” for an hour and a half.

These theatres are abundant in the phoenix area, and why wouldn’t they be? They’re fun and comforting for us all, and they even have little arcade areas, come on. Don’t stress, Harkins should be your next weekend trip.

4. Arizona Science Center: Who didn’t love going here in middle school for science field trips? Okay, well some people but that’s besides the point.

This place, full of wacky depictions of real scientific concepts is a captivating place to visit with the family. Despite the subject matter, the Arizona Science Center might serve as a really cute idea for a date on the town.

With a plethora of attractions for all ages and types, Phoenix dwellers of all preferences can find fun at the Arizona Science Center.

5. Tanger Outlets: And of course: shopping! Whether you’re a skater or a pink princess, Tanger Outlets has it for you. From Wetzel’s Pretzels for some food to the American Eagle on the corner for the perfect jeans, the possibilities are endless.

This outdoor shopping mall is even better with the help of its neighbors. After spending half your check on new clothes or a homecoming dress, you can always scoot on over to westgate’s shops or AMC theatre to spend the rest of it! Being broke is always more fun when you have the company of useless buys and guilty fun.

Whether the dresses or the shoes or the food that draws you here, make sure you don’t ignore the call.

6. Desert Botanical Gardens: The beauty of Arizona is on emphasis at this worldly escape. Not only an adventure and learning experience, this journey to see the natural environments of this desert state is sure to prove a memorable experience.

For any who love the beauty of nature, the thrill of learning, or the possibility of fun. With a relatively cheap cost, this exciting experience is easily accessible for all.

This stop in Phoenix is not only a family friendly day trip, but one full of learning, adventure, and nature!

7. Nakama Sushi Restaurant and Lounge: One of the best sushi restaurants in the Phoenix area, this dinner escape is authentic and relaxing. Whether you’re treating your sweetheart to some good food and privacy, or hauling a five person family away from home for a night of fun, this is a place to fit all.

Not only is the food exceptional, the atmosphere is inviting and comfortable. With a classy bar for the adults, comfy lounge for the tired, and table alcoves for the dining, this restaurant is the epitome of serene and versatile.

The place is beautifully decorated, quick to deliver, and good to its customers. Nakama Sushi is a sure stop on the trip around the city.

8. Wildlife World Zoo: Animals! Rides! Food! Fun! The whole family can find fulfillment in more than just the wildlife roaming the sands, soaring in the pools, and squawking in the air at this desert excursion.

There is an endless set of possibilities at the Wildlife World Zoo. The lions and zebras are not the only creatures taking up residence here; the aquarium has a world of life as well. Children and adults alike can enjoy the interaction offered between onlookers and animals. Not to mention the rides.

A place for any type of getaway, the Wildlife World Zoo offers fun, family time, and interaction all in one.

9. Phoenix Convention Center: There are no limits to the experiences you can discover at the Phoenix Convention Center. From Comic Con to bridal conventions to car shows, this downtown area offers variety year round.

With new events every few weeks, there’s always something interesting happening on the grounds of the Convention Center. They have all the makings of the perfect fun-day: tasty food, interesting content, and sufficient room.

A variety of people to meet, places to see, and activities to enjoy, this Phoenix gem will leave you feeling good every time.

10. Castles N Coasters: Now, I couldn’t exclude the roaring coasters and intoxicating junk food of one of the popular amusement parks in our state. This component of family fun and weekend adventure is a must see for Phoenix dwellers.

The rides aren’t their only selling point, despite how great they may be. The time with family, guest introductions, and yummy food also serve as a comfort in the bursting world of Castles N Coasters.

Entertain a family of rambunctious munchkins or make your sweetheart swoon with an experience at Arizona’s infamous amusement park.