Homecoming Does Not Happen Overnight (Behind the Scenes)

By: Alejandra Espinoza

Homecoming Week seems like something you see in the stereotypical high school romantic comedy. What many students do not actually think about is how homecoming actually happens.

Student Council starts planning homecoming over summer break. I know how this happens because I am a very active member in Student Council. This is one of our big productions so there is much effort that is put into it. This year our theme is “There’s No Place Like Agua Fria”. While it may seem simple enough, it took the council about two days to actually pick a theme. These occurrences happen because our team can be nitpicky, but it is all done with the best intentions to assure that everyone feels included. It is not easy to get over thirty students to agree on one idea. We may tend to overthink just about everything when making a decision but at the end of the day it is because we all care so much.

Once we have a theme in place, it then takes us about another two days to decide the spirit week days. Student Council analyzes each day and estimates how much participation we would have. While many may say that we are too in our heads when it comes to the days, a debate between the team is inevitable. Occurrences like those is when our advisor steps in and facilitates the disputes.

IMG_4352 Here you see Mr. Molina and Mr. Butler dressed as The Blue Brothers for twin day before their extravagant performance during B lunch.

There are hiccups that arise when planning major events, which would be when they do not get approved in time or by district, because there is so much paperwork that needs to be done. There are things called “Proposal Forms” where we have to write a proposal of the event we want and have to have send it out to district and wait a week or so (if we are lucky) for them to approve it. This is not anything out of the ordinary because we understand that there are steps that have to be followed in order for our events to go through but it is not as easy as our student body may think it is. Another paper that I have become very familiar with has been a “PO” which is short for “purchase order.” If there is anything we want to buy with the Student Council funds, we have to fill that paper out which requires the list of items that we are buying, what vendor we are using, and how much each item cost. Then we have to wait about three weeks for it to get approved and go through. This gets even more tedious if a vendor is not an “approved vendor” and we have to fill out more forms for them to become approved so that we can get supplies from them. For example, a PO is common for DJs or photographers because large amounts of money are being taken out of the account. When there are a couple bags of candy that need to be bought, it is easier for the group to just pitch in a couple dollars each and buy the supplies.

There are various items that the council pays for out of their own personal money because we care that much. For example Snapchat filters for our first football game, baby powder, streamers, and candy that we toss in the crowd (and that sometimes gets thrown back at us.)

Student Council organizes the spirit week, the after school activities, fundraisers, the pep rally, lunchtime activities, the tailgate, and the dance. For example, an ongoing event all this week is a fundraiser at Blaze Pizza. As mentioned, Student Council uses the funds on infinite amount of things such as DJs for dances, paint and paint brushes, photographers, crowns, candy, bouncies, and so much more.

While everything may seem like it leads up to Saturday for the dance, the busiest day for Student Council members is Friday because we all have to be at school from five in the morning (so we can set up for the pep rally) until about 10 at night after the football game. On that Friday, no one in Student Council gets to leave the school until after the game. At the pep rally, there is the balloon arch that has to be made, posters that have to be hung and streamers that need to go on the rails. Student Body President Bianca Ibuado said, “It is the most draining yet fun week of the year. I have the greatest time ever on Friday but I also drink like three caffeinated drinks to get me through the day.” After we set up for the pep rally in the morning, we go to our classes for a couple of hours, but then during second hour we have to set up the floats for the parade. We clean a little after the parade then go back to class for a couple of hours again. Shortly after the parade, we go to lunch and we have lunchtime activities set up for the student body. Once school is over we have to set up for the tailgate and work a few booths. Then we clean up the tailgate and go to the game. By the time we get to the game, we are all exhausted from running around all day, but we still do our best to get the crowd excited and cheer on our team. Once the game is over we have to stay to help clean up and take down any posters that were set up.

Student Body Treasurer, Kylan Sullivan said, “Homecoming week is so exhausting but I feel like it’s a bonding experience in Student Council. We all get closer after spending so much time together.”

After spending about 15 hours together in one day, we don’t get a break just yet because we have to wake up in the morning and go setup for the dance the next day. We have to do things such as making sure the DJ is ready and the decorations are put up. Keep in mind we are all going to the dance as well, so we are trying to manage our time to ensure that we have time to get ready for the dance. Sometimes we do not always have time to go to a nice dinner before the dance like many students do but is all part of being in Student council and loving our school.

Even after the dance is over, we have still have to clean up the decorations and scrape gum off the floor! (Please be mindful of how you treat our campus especially during homecoming season because we are all tired and do not want to stay to clean up unnecessary messes that can easily be prevented.)

We spend a lot of time planning and setting up for the events, so by participating in the events that we plan, it would be the biggest thank you of all.