Riverdale Recap Season 2, Episode 1

Jaeden Andrade

Everyone’s favorite teen drama Riverdale came back with a brand new season on Wednesday, October 11th. It would be an understatement to say that we were left with a few questions at the end of season one and hopefully some of those questions are answered before I end up ripping out the rest of my hair.

unnamed (8)If you don’t know, Riverdale is a teen drama based off of the Archie comics. The first season followed Archie and his gang of pals as they tried to find out what really happened to Jason Blossom. This season switches from murder mystery to suspense thriller and trust me this season will be thrilling from what I’ve heard,


Now that I got that off my chest let’s get into this. I just finished the new episode titled  “Chapter 14: A Kiss Before Dying” and this episode has my moods swinging from on the verge of tears to completely shocked.

unnamed (9)This episode starts off with Archie rushing his dad to the nearest hospital as fast as he could and my mind was racing as fast as Archie was driving. Once he finally got to the hospital he was yelling for help. As I am writing this the image of Archie’s Letterman jacket covered in blood is still glued in my mind.

Next, is the 1st of 4 “visions” that Fred Andrews (Archie’s dad) sees. As he is on the bed in the hospital he sees himself standing next to his ex-wife, Archie’s mom, and he is taking pictures of Archie and the gang while they are in their cap and gowns as they just graduated. Fred says “ I didn’t think i’d live to see this day” and Jughead replies “Yeah, except you didn’t Mr.A” then the man who shot him walks through the door and points the gun right at him. I don’t know about you guys, but I live for visions like that and that’s a good thing because there is more.

During that whole scene and the rest of the visions I was just blown away by what was happening and who was in them. I really understand what his true purpose was to make sure he came back. He basically had an epiphany on what being a father means and what he would miss if he clocked out at that moment.

Next, Archie is reluctantly persuaded to go home, but then we see another vision.  We see Fred with a briefcase at his business getting ready to leave but he is unsure if he’s ready. Archie says “You can’t change your mind now dad, they’re waiting for you.” we then find out that the people who are waiting for him are some dead relatives. The door suddenly is getting banged, death is literally knocking at the door. When I saw this I was blown away by the symbolism that was present in this scene even if it might of been a bit on the nose.

Afterwards, Archie and Veronica go back to Archie’s house so that he can change and get clothes for his dad and while he they’re at home they share an Intimate scene and then we cut to Jughead. Jughead’s outside the hospital and two Southside Serpents are there, Jughead then asks them if they could try to find out who shot Fred Andrews.

I’m not going to lie I like the idea of Jughead being a Southside Serpent. I hope he does not turn into villain though because he’s supposed to be the nice dude. Another thing is if Betty’s mom finds out then I almost guarantee that she is going to somehow split them up.

Next, Archie can’t find his dad’s wallet and gets really upset about it. He tells Veronica just to go back to the hospital, but she stays with him while he starts crying and comforts him . This scene really showed me how much Archie was affected by everything that is going on.The acting in this scene was actually pretty good or at least better than what I was used to seeing on this show. Then Archie goes to  the police station for a lineup to see if he can find who shot his dad but none of them really fit the bill.

Jughead and Betty find out that the wallet is missing and go back to the diner that Fred was shot at to see if they could find it and a pool of blood is still at the door. They explain to Pops, the owner of the diner, why they were there and they end up getting free food for them and everyone else who is at the hospital for Fred. Trust me there actually was a lot of people, everyone from football players to Josie and the Pussycats.

The third vision that occurs is actually at Pop’s diner and in my opinion this was the weakest of the four. It starts off with Archie and his dad at Pops’ diner. Archie tells his dad that he was going to propose to Veronica and he showed the ring to his dad and pops and then pops said “Time dies” and then the bullet hole was on Fred’s chest starts pouring out with with blood. That’s basically it. It all happened pretty fast and that’s all that really happened in that scene. I’m not lying, there was a little bit of dialogue and then blood.

The last vision that was in this episode was a doosie, Archie gets married. Yeah, you heard me. Our favorite redhead marries our favorite girl named Veronica. Fred is the best man and he sees every single Blossom family member even the dead ones. Then the guy who shot him walks down the aisle and aims the gun at Archie but Fred catches the bullet and instantly wakes up in real life.

Lastly, Fred is taken home and Archie’s mom takes care of him and Archie takes a bat and sits in front of the front door to stand watch for the man to come back. So overall this episode had some really good parts in it but I ultimately feel as though there was to many things going on in this one episode. I left this episode wanting more answers but my head felt jumbled with everything that was going on. I’m not really a ratings guy but i would probably give this episode maybe like a 6/10.