Experiences in the Day in the Life of a College Student

Jaeden Andrade

    On Thursday, October 12th I got to experience what college looks like through the eyes of an actual student, all of the good and bad details that you can expect, even the tiny ones from this huge Arizona State University campus.


Courtesy of oddsshark.com

Through the Be A Leader Foundation, I had the opportunity to shadow a college student at ASU. We had to meet at the Phoenix Art Museum at 7:30am and I arrived super early, an hour early, and since I was running on 4 hours of sleep and  definitely needed some coffee.

    Flash forward to about an hour and a half when everyone was actually there, we went on the light rail straight down the ASU Tempe campus. When we entered the campus we were given a brief presentation on ASU through a handful of trivia questions then we were matched up with students who volunteered to be shadowed for the day.

    Standing before me was about 13 college students who were ready to show us what to expect when you go to ASU or any college for that matter. Each student said what they were majoring in so we would have a better understanding on who we wanted to be with, many actually said education which doesn’t surprise me but my “tour guide” was majoring in Life Science which is the closest thing to what I love which is Environmental Science.

    First thing we did was go to Subway, afterwards we went straight to my tour guide’s dorm room. His dorm was tiny! 4 students lived had to live in a space that was smaller than many of the classrooms at Agua Fria. Within the dimly lit dorm was one of his roommates (the others were in class), who was still studying for a test that he had that day


Taken by Jaeden Andrade

When we left the dorm, we went straight to our tour guide’s Astronomy class located in one of  the Interdisciplinary Science and Technology buildings. This was probably my favorite area just because of what I saw in this building. I first saw a replica of the “Curiosity” rover that’s on Mars and it was humongous. Next I saw a dinosaur skull that I almost guarantee was a Triceratops and some petrified Dinosaur eggs.

     After we left we just walked around the campus while my tour guide told us everything that he thought that we should know about college. He told us everything we had to know about fees and showed us how everything was priced at his friends dorm. I’m not going to lie all those numbers being thrown at me was almost to the point of overwhelming, but we all get through it eventually.

     Our tour guide had no classes that day so I didn’t get to see any of the action I know that everyone reading this yearns for but I did learn one thing. Wherever you go make sure you can pay your way to get there, also at the Tempe campus make sure you have a bike because this campus is huge.