An Experience at a Harry Styles Concert

By: Elizabeth Sandoval

On Saturday, October 14th, Harry Styles finished off his American leg of his tour in Phoenix, Arizona at Comerica Theater.


Taken by Elizabeth Sandoval

As me and my friends got dropped off we saw his tour bus and decided to walk by it. When me and my friends first arrived we were nervous, but yet excited. We decided to go about two hours early because we were afraid the lines would be long and swarming with girls.


Once the gates finally opened me and my friends decided to go on since a line was forming when we got through the gates. When we got through, we all went to our seats because we were all in different sections.

Once things got settled the opening act Muna came out a couple of their songs. Muna is a band from Los Angeles that performs electronic pop. As soon as they finished my friend ended up texting me telling me to sit by her since she has a couple of spots open. A couple minutes later our other friend came and ended up sitting with us the remainder of the concert.

The lights dimmed and I remember screaming of excitement with my friends and laughing at them when I looked over at them to see them crying. We got excited once he started singing his song “Ever Since New York”. I remember singing along to all the songs he performed.

He sang his album called Harry Styles and “Stockholm Syndrome”, and “What Makes You Beautiful” from his previous band One Direction. Also he sang Just a “Little Bit of your Heart” that he wrote for Ariana Grande.

While in the middle of singing the song “Woman” he pulled a guy on stage and they danced through the chorus of the guitar. I remember everyone in the crowd going crazy and yelling for him.

A couple of minutes before the concert ended, me and my friends decided to go where his tour bus was at so we ran as soon as we got into the lobby of the venue. Once we made it, we waited for our friends to come. When they arrived there was a crowd and so we pulled them up front to where we were at and waited a hour for Harry to come out.

We saws a black SUV leave and one of the workers announced he had left we decided to leave and it was about already eleven. Once we left we took my friends home and we just were rambling about the concert and my friends were telling me how they cried when Harry came out and performed.