Riverdale Recap Season 2 Episode 2

Jaeden Andrade


  So Everyone’s favorite Archie comics show (other than Sabrina the Teenage Witch) is back with the 2nd episode of it’s 2nd season. There isn’t any real way to ease into this episode so I’m just going to dive straight in…


unnamed (8)At the beginning this episode we see Pop’s diner and on the front of it someone spray painted “Death Diner” on it. When Jugghead walks in you can really tell that Pop was devastated because his whole life and legacy is that shop and for someone to get shot there and then for this to happen would be tragic.

We then see Veronica about to go to school but her dad comes in from an early morning jog and he asks if they can talk at dinner and she responds with a quick  “Unfortunately I have plans.” and then references a comic strip and leaves. That was the first time out of many in this episode where Veronica and her father “talk” but ultimately one lies to the other or they diss each other and leave.

Side note: I just realized that this show is almost like if someone tried to take Scooby-Doo seriously. Archie is the popular guy that a lot of girls like (fred). Veronica is the popular girl with rich parents (daphne). Betty is the smart and wholesome girl who has a tendency to care too much about certain things (velma). Lastly, Jugghead is the outcast who we all cling too (shaggy). Maybe that last one was a stretch but they also hang out at a diner in like every episode just like the Scooby-Doo gang. All they really need is for Archie’s dog to start talking and a van.

Next, they basically split up to search for clues, Archie and Jugghead go to the Sheriff’s office and Betty and Veronica decide that they are going to  try to save Pop’s diner. Meanwhile at the sheriff’s office, Jugghead meets the lawyer who is representing his dad and  finds out that the best deal he has is 20 years in prison. Archie asks the Sheriff if he can go on patrol with some officers because he thinks he can help stop the man who shot his father. Obviously, the Sheriff says no.

Later, we see how crazy Archie is becoming because of his lack of sleep, he almost attacks Jugghead while he walks in and when they were talking he kept seeing the guy who shot his dad, but he was just hallucinating.

If you need more proof that he’s going crazy, Archie actually asks a local drug dealer at his school if he has anything that can keep him up at night and they set it up. So my official conclusion is that maybe…just maybe Archie is taking this protection thing too far.

Veronica’s dad visits the school and tells her that he wants to help with the diner but the whole time I was just thinking about how much he reminds me of Scarface or even Don Vito Corleone. This guy is just menacing and you know that every deal he makes or even everything he says has some dark twist to it.

We also see Jugghead with some Southside Serpents asking for help but they send him to another person and we see Archie finding out that his old teacher and weird love interest Ms.Grundy was killed.

Next, we see a pretty intense conversation with Veronica, her Mom, and Scarface himself. Veronica is almost yelling at her dad because Pop’s was bought by an anonymous buyer and she thinks she did it. She then goes on to expose him by showing her mom a letter from him saying that if she didn’t do something her mom would be in danger.

What makes me mad is that we all know that he sent it but the mom says she wrote the letter herself just to insure that Veronica would do it. This is when I realized how crazy these guys are, they are maybe even more crazy than the Blossoms in season 1.

We also see that Jugghead went to see the person who the Serpents recommended and she said that the only way that his dad could get a shorter sentence is if the victim’s family forgives him. That takes us to Jugghead and Betty at the new Blossom residence that looks like the castle from the first live action Scooby-Doo movie. They ask if they can forgive him but they say no.

Archie is back at his house and outside the window he sees the guy who shot his dad so he went outside and tackled him but it ended up being the dealer delivering drugs. The dealer then tells him that if he was the real guy archie wouldn’t be able to do much by just tackling him if he has a gun. While this scene was going on all i said and thought was “Don’t encourage him.”

It cuts to the next day and Archie claims that the same person who shot his dad killed Ms.Grundy, which is true but they don’t know for sure. Then Betty Blackmails Cheryl Blossom to say that they forgive Jugghead’s dad or that she will release the video of her dad killing her brother. Thankfully she does and Cheryl gets the copy of the video.

Now we FINALLY get to the part that i’ve been waiting for, the gang actually saving Pop’s diner. The cheerleaders plus Jugghead volunteered to work at the diner and it actually goes pretty well, a lot of people show up to support the diner. Veronica’s family makes a generous “donation” to the diner also, but we later found out that they bought it.

This would’ve been a great ending to the episode but they just had to hook me for another episode and they did. We see Archie at the lake getting a gun and he says “Don’t worry it’s just protection.” and The man killer kill the drug dealer and this other girl in the middle of the woods.

So to say the least I did like this episode, I also think that this episode had some important things in it and some small arcs for our characters. Lastly, Archie is going crazy.