Thanksgiving Food Ideas

Kirsten Meyers

Here in America we are having our Thanksgiving next Thursday. It is the day we give thanks to a harvest for having a successful season or as you may know it to see family and enclose on the year.  So, this article will be strictly about the food dishes at a Thanksgiving dinner that you should attempt cooking or tasting.

thanksgiv-dayThe first dish will be turkey stuffing, this dish is so hard to mess up because it’s very simple, but yet elegant.  This stuffing is always a tradition to have when you’re having during a thanksgiving dinner. Stuffing is usually a food that is a fill in cavity in a food, usually turkeys. This stuffing is usually dried up bread crumbs, with vegetables, garlic, eggs, or poultry. You can add anything you want in this stuffing, it’s just up to you and your family’s personal desire. This is a tradition for thanksgiving and if you haven’t had turkey stuffing, you should give it a shot.

The second dish will be homemade mashed potatoes, this has always been a favorite dish in my household. Homemade mashed potatoes are always a way to get to a person’s heart, because who doesn’t like warm, sticky, and mouth watering starches topped with turkey gravy, or with sour cream and cheese. Which brings me to the next dish.

The third dish or side will be gravy to be topped off with your mashed potatoes. This is always a favorite especially if it’s turkey gravy. You can make this homemade, or even just go out and buy a packet, or buy already cooked gravy from the store.

The fourth dish will be cranberry sauce to top with your turkey, or whatever you use it on. While I may not be a big fan of cranberry sauce, I know from others they love it. So, you should definitely make it a regular for your thanksgiving dinner, people will love it.

The fifth dish will be the turkey itself! You guys were probably like, “why isn’t this lady bringing up the best part of the dinner?” Well, don’t fret I haven’t forgotten. If you don’t like turkey, or are vegan it’s okay, you can always substitute as well. Turkey is my favorite meal topped with mashed potatoes and gravy! This is the best by bar, along with dinner biscuits that you can dunk into your mashed potatoes, or make a sandwich! The combination is real, and you can do whatever you want.

The sixth dish will be baked mac n cheese! This is always a classic you can have when you’re having your turkey dinner. This is really easy to make, and it tastes great.  You can also add whatever cheese you like to your mac n cheese so it meets your needs.

The seventh dish will be ham if someone in your family doesn’t like turkey, or your family just prefers ham, all is equally good. Ham is great with mashed potatoes as well (can you tell i’m obsessed with mashed potatoes).

The eighth dish will be butternut squash soup or any type of butternut squash, I’ve never had this but I know people do like butternut squash, “They’re really good, especially for pasta.” said Jade Laborin, a 25 year old who has eaten some.

The ninth dish will be sweet potato casserole, this is so good especially when there are marshmallows served with it. You can make this a bunch of different ways, and you can always experiment, and adjust to your liking, you can’t go wrong.

The tenth dish will be Brussels sprouts.. I know what you’re thinking, “why Brussels sprouts?” well because, I find every family has Brussels sprouts and they’re just the devils turds, not saying it’s bad to like them, I’ve just personally never liked Brussels sprouts. But, hey it goes with thanksgiving, and with good food, comes the not so good food, so there. BRUSSELS SPROUTS.

Okay guys, now it’s time for the classic desserts, PIES. The first pie I will be starting with will be pumpkin pie.  Pumpkin pie is always the classic for thanksgiving. Next down the line will be pecan pie, this pie is always a classic for thanksgiving, it tastes great as well. Lastly but not least, will be the fruit pies. These consist of mixed berry, apple pie, blueberry pie, etc. They’re great for people who enjoy sweet, fruity desserts instead of pumpkin pie.