What We know and What We Think We Know about Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Jaeden Andrade


Soon we will all be attacking theaters like a group of Tusken Raiders as soon as Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out on Friday December 15th.

sw8There are many question that we have all thought of once we stepped out of the theaters in December 2015, some more convoluted than others, and some a little more irreverent (to say the least). Some of these questions are, Who is Rey? Who is Snoke? Is Jar Jar Binks actually Snoke? Is Finn dead? The list goes on and on and we thought it couldn’t get any bigger until we saw the first trailer for The Last Jedi.

In this trailer there is a lot going on, to say the least and there is one key moment that sparked a huge question for me at least. What is going to happen to Princess Leia? In this trailer you can see Kylo Ren piloting a tie fighter with his finger on the trigger while we see Princess Leia looking pretty concerned if anything. For those who don’t know, the actress who played as Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher passed away December 27th, 2016. My biggest concern is how they will treat her legacy.

So one thing that we do know after seeing the trailer is that Finn is alive. This is obviously great news because he was a major character in The Force Awakens. We also know that Rey is super powerful and this kind of “raw power” actually scares Luke more than it scared him before. He is referencing when he trained Kylo Ren, and didn’t care too much about how powerful he was and that ended up backfiring on him.

One question that I do have is where’s Lando? Who doesn’t miss Billy Dee Williams, many fans questioned this and still don’t have any answers. Lando is supposed to appear in the Han Solo movie coming out next spring but are we ever going to see him in another saga film?

In The Force Awakens we meet a whole bunch of new characters like Rey, Finn, BB8, and many more but we are meeting some new characters in The Last Jedi also. One new character that has been causing some major buzz is Rose Tico. For those who may not know who she is. Rose is a part of the support crew that makes sure all the starfighters actually fly. We will most likely see her paired up with Finn a lot throughout the movie as Rose looks up to him for being “a hero”.

unnamed (1)Who doesn’t love porgs? Well about half of the Star Wars community thinks they they are the new Jar Jar and the other half thinks that they are as “cute” as Ewoks. Porgs are weird little Penguins(I think) that are native to the island (Ahch-To) that Luke is living on. These cute little birds were shown in the trailer right next to Chewbacca but are knocked down from him. So I guess he doesn’t like him either. Also since Luke is living on this island I am almost certain that he’s eaten a couple of porgs (just saying)


Next up is potential spoilers for the movie. I haven’t seen this movie I am just speculating and I am pretty sure I am right (sorry)
In the trailer one of the best parts in the trailer is when Luke says “It’s time for the Jedi to end”, many people don’t know what to think about this and even question if Luke has gone to the dark side or not.


I believe that Luke is trying to bring balance to the force by ending the Jedi. He only wants to do this because You can’t have the Sith without the Jedi and vice versa. So like I said please don’t be mad at me if I am right (I hope I am).