Meet Graham Eisenhauer

By: Sarenity Guzman

OwlFeed Journalist
G-baby, also known as Graham Eisenhauer, is a junior at Agua Fria High School. Graham was a new student who just showed up in the second semester, he had just transferred here from Primavera. He also attended Arizona School from the Yards.

Graham is 17 years old. His hobbies include music and would like to grow up as a musician. I suppose so, because he’s already writing his own songs, and learning how to play the guitar, base, and even the piano.

IMG_0532 (1)Graham has been playing the piano for 2 years, the guitar for approximately 5 years, and the base for about 6 years. He is inspired by Kanye West, because he is successful and is someone who knows what he is doing and wants to do and just goes for it, without any hesitation. Although, he is inspired by Kanye, his favorite artist is Frank Ocean and his favorite song is “Nikes.”

Graham would like to travel to France. Graham believes that other than France being so beautiful, he’s heard about their food being really good. After I spoke with Graham, this is what he had to say about why he joined journalism, “ I decided to take journalism because my idol “Oprah Winfrey” started off as a journalist, and I am interested in following her footsteps.”

After about a month taking this class, Graham said, “stay in school and don’t do drugs.¨ Graham had wanted this quote to go out for all the kids and is hoping that would actually listen and just take his advice. Although, Graham has only been in the journalism class for about one month now, and he’s enjoying the class pretty well.