Meet Sarenity Guzman

By: Graham Eisenhauer

Owl Feed welcomes one of it’s newest and most talented members with open arms. Sarenity Guzman is a 16 year old sophomore at Agua Fria and has her sights set on being the best she can.

Sarenity previously attended Michael Anderson middle school and has spent her entire high school career at Agua Fria as a proud owl.

Sarenity prefers being active in the sports community. Her favorite sports include but are not limited to: softball, soccer, basketball, badminton and volleyball. Despite only being at Agua Fria for two years, she has a large social circle from these activities.

She finds most of her free time occupied with her many sports and school. Previously in ROTC, she found herself with less time on her hands and had to discontinue that endeavor.

In addition to sports, she’s also interested in cars. She plans to potentially be a mechanic one day so that she can work in an environment she loves. On an unrelated note, she has also looked into a career as a coroner.

IMG_0515Sarenity planned to be in journalism since her start at Agua Fria. However, she could only get in at the beginning of the second semester of her sophomore year. Writing is one of her favorite hobbies, and she loves being able to express her creativity and opinions through it. “[I] had been dying to write essays,” she recalls on her freshman year.

Her competitive nature stems from her love of sports. This is what she cites as one of her main motivating factors in life.

“That’s just who I am. I [always] know I can do better,” she ended the interview on an inspirational note.

The OwlFeed is lucky to have a bright and positive student who is as passionate and active in the community as she is, and we are sure she will shine.