Dangerous Games to Never Play, Part Two: Elevator to Another World

Hope Laborin
@Sherry Bomez

Before we get started on this series, I would like to add a disclaimer to this article by stating that some of these games are intense and connect to topics such as religion, other dimensions, demons and other sensitive topics, so if you are sensitive about these types of things please close this story and go to a different one.Elevator

This is currently my second installment to this series with the first covering the ever so infamous Ouija board. If you haven’t read my last article you can click here and check it out.

This story is not to promote these games and is instead being written to promote awareness of the dangers they bring. The goal is to hopefully prevent terrible things from happening, so without further adieu here are some games that you should NEVER play.

The “Elevator Game” or the “Elevator to Another World” is a Korean Legend that supposedly sends the player to another world if they press the right sequence of buttons in an elevator that has 10 floors or more. The game originated on a Korean website and gained popularity over time, intriguing people enough to play and try to ‘win’ the game by successfully visiting another world and coming back.

The other world the player enters is supposedly one where it looks exactly like the original except the player is the only one present. They will know if it’s the right one if they look out a window and only see a red cross in the distance.

To play this game you will need to follow these steps: (These instructions are strictly used for informative reasons and are NOT here to urge you to play, please do not attempt to play this game.)

  1. Find a building that has ten floors or more. You must do this game alone and the building must have an elevator that can go to all ten floors.
  2. Enter the elevator and check if you are alone. If you are alone, press the button for the fourth floor.
  3. When you reach the fourth floor remain and press the second floor.
  4. Then the sixth floor.
  5. Then the second again.
  6. Then the tenth.
  7. Then the fifth. A woman may enter the elevator with you when you reach this floor. DO NOT LOOK AT HER AND DO NOT TALK TO HER NO MATTER WHAT.
  8. Then continue and press the first floor once more. If you did everything right the elevator should take you to the tenth floor instead of the first. At this point, if you wish to back out you can always press another floor and it disrupt the ritual and you can leave the elevator however, once you reach the ninth floor youŕe pretty much in it to win it.
  9. Once the elevator opens you should have completed your ritual and are free to look into this ‘alternate dimension’. This dimension looks pretty normal aside from the fact that your the only one in it. You can explore if you like, but keep in mind that it’s very easy to get lost in this dimension.
  10. On your journey back you will enter your elevator again (remember not to talk to the lady) and you will press the ground floor.
  11. Once at the ground floor you must exit the elevator making sure not to look back.

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