How to Survive Your First Day of Work

Opinion/Lifestyle Journalist

Starting your first day of work can be exciting, and perhaps stressful. So, in this article I plan to give advice on how you should start your first day especially if you’re a teenager starting your very first job. Hopefully you take away information from this article that you’ve never read before, or at least jogs your brain on how to survive your first day of work. 

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#1 Always ask questions.

I know this seems self explanatory but a lot of new employees are scared to ask questions for fear that they will irritate their trainers. Trainers do want new employees to ask questions so the beginners can start getting used to their work surroundings. Never be afraid to ask for help, you’re making your life and your trainers life easier in the long run.

#2 Set out a schedule that best fits you, and is flexible for you, and your employer.

Let them know ahead of time when you will be available, and when you won’t be available. Know your limits for work since you are a part time worker that is also juggling school. Give yourself time to accomplish your school work, school comes before work.

#3 Manners.

Come to work with a smile on your face, and always be polite to customers. Don’t get an attitude with your co-workers, or with your boss. This won’t end well for you, and your employer will think less of you. Always be on your best behavior and give your all for work.

#4 Always show up on time for work.

Always show up to your work a couple minutes to spare so you know you won’t be docked when you’re already there, and clocked in ready to go. This will show your employer that you want to work, and you are reliable.

#5 Introduce yourself.

Pitch a 30 second introduction of yourself, and let everyone know who you are, exchange numbers with your co-workers so they can contact you if they need to. Know who all your managers are, because you most likely won’t have just one manager because you will be working different shifts sometimes.

#6 Know your surroundings.

Make sure you get used to your surroundings at work, because if you’re a team leader for something, you will most likely have to clean up things and tidy up items. Know where everything is, and again ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS.

#7 Always check up on items when you have free time.

If you’re working in a fast food chain, you are always going to want to check the trash, clean tables, and restrooms when you have spare time, just in case if you get rush hour. You want to always make sure the trash especially is replaced with a new bag so you won’t have to do this during rush hour.  Just make sure your work area is clean, and customers are happy.

#8 Comfortability.

If you’re not comfortable with doing something, speak up and tell them. If you aren’t comfortable doing something, or feel like you will mess it up just tell someone that is more experienced to help you. Again, know your limits and always try your best with items.

#9 Know the social landscape.

Know who your co-workers are, and which group of workers you want to associate yourself with. This is going to be a big when you want a raise, or go up a level in your work. This is going to be major and will show your employer that you get along with everyone, and everything.  This will show that you’re a decent human being.

#10 Always have your clothes and items that are required for this job.

I know from experience how frustrating it is when you have to work with a boss that doesn’t give clear details or waits till the last minute to tell you items. Bug your employer, and don’t give up until you have your items that you need so you can start your job properly.

This isn’t an item that is optional, make sure the communication is key between you and your employer. Don’t wait till the last minute to talk to them if you have something going on. Don’t allow your employer to wait till the last minute to tell you items. If they lie, make sure you tell them. It’s not okay for any of this to happen and know when the work place doesn’t communicate properly.  You don’t deserve this and know when you should leave.

All in all, when you start working or if you are, I hope this advice helped you somewhat to accomplish your job duties. The most important take away point from this article is for you to always ask questions and always be on your best behavior.  Now, go do your job like the champ you are. You are going to do great on your first day of work.