Meet Hope Laborin: Our First Half-Poodle, Half-Human Hybrid Student!

By: Kirsten.meyers6
@opinon/lifestyle journalist.

Hope Laborin makes history once again, becoming a half-poodle, and a half-human hybrid. Hope’s transitions from human to poodlism will be covered heavily, along with how her lifestyle has changed overall.20180326_124532.jpg

On August 23rd, 2017, Hope Laborin came clean to her family by picking up a bunch of dog bowls, dog food and a dog bed. She placed them all over the house to hint to her parents that she now wants to become a dog.

If you don’t know who Hope Laborin is already, let me introduce her.  She is a 17-year-old Agua Fria High School student. She is the former editor in chief for journalism, and she is in FBLA. She’s best known for her strange and unique outfits that she wears from time to time at school.

“Yeah, I always knew I wanted to be a dog. When I would go outside and get on all fours and start chasing after my neighbors cat while barking at it,” Laborin said.

Hope now spends her days in her dog house (an actual dog house that she built from scratch) lounging around and overall enjoying her life. “I’m stress free, and I get to chase my tail in peace now,” she said.

“My life hasn’t really changed by being a dog besides having a lot more free time to do what I want,” Hope said. Hope comes home from school, gets her homework done, and does her daily cat watching, and fetching tennis balls.

“A dog’s life is the best life,” she said.

Hope didn’t always want to be a dog. She first experimented with being a unicorn but soon found out that going to the unicorn events were too much and she couldn’t keep up with them.

“I liked being a unicorn for a couple of months, but it just started getting difficult having to compete in pageants every week,” Hope said.

She’s currently employed at a pizzeria licking pizza crumbs off  the floor. “I love working here because I get free food,” she said.

I decided to ask Hope’s friends on what they think about her new recent change.

“I support Hope, I think it’s a little strange but hey everyone is unique,” Fred Donuts, Hope’s long-time friend of 9 years, said.

“I always knew Hope wanted to become an animal, I’m just glad she has told us,” Shaggy Shagg said.

You’ve heard it here folks, being a dog is everyone’s dream. I’m thinking about converting myself to a dog, it should be fun. Next week I’ll be going myself to find the best breed that fits me.