Say Goodbye To Fortune Cookies

By: Ariana Moreno
OwlFeed Journalist

Say goodbye to one of the most beloved and famous cookies of all time. Rhe Federal Department of Foods (FDF) is banning the Fortune Cookie in all countries.

Chinese fortune cookie with note
Chinese fortune cookie 

The sweet vanilla crisp flavored treat is being recalled and all unopened shipments are being sent back to the original producers and are to be disposed of.

This is due to the paper fortunes within the cookie that are reportedly causing many to win the lottery.

Who knew that fortune cookies ACTUALLY were more than just a sentence to make you smile and then crumble it up on your way out of your local chinese

According to JapanNews17, “We will be taking precautions on the matter involving the manufactures of the fortune cookies and the said restaurant that is distributing these ‘lucky’ cookies.”

It is unclear as to when or even if fortune cookies will ever back a come back.

One thing for sure is that thousands of people are already trying to get a hold of fortune cookies before they all are shipped back in order to see if they might be one of the lucky few to get the lotto numbers!