Ms. Vaughn Changes Agua Fria’s School Colors to Purple and Gray

By: Alejandra Espinoza

Recently Ms. Vaughn has had an epiphany and decided that she wants to change the Agua Fria High School colors to purple and grey. She said, “I love basketball, and being raised in Arizona I grew up loving the Phoenix Suns, and I wanted to show what a fan I am by having purple be one of our school colors!”Vaun Purp (1).png

This coming school year all of the red umbrellas and tables at the courtyard will be replaced with purple ones. The school logo will remain the same but any red on the logo will be replaced with purple. All of the red clothes that is left in the bookstore will be donated to a local women’s shelter. New school attire will be replaced with purple attire

Ms. Vaughn said, “This will now be a completely purple school, and that’ll mean that the art program will be limited to the amount of red art materials they recieve.” She then continued to explain how this may seem a bit excessive but the level of dedication will catch the Phoenix Suns’ attention.

As a tribute to the Phoenix Suns the Old Gym and New Gym will be redone mimicking the Sun’s Stadium. “I really want the students to get the full experience of a basketball stadium so we will be ordering TVs to place in the hallways,” Ms. Vaughn said.

She also stated that she will take in consideration all of the students’ comments about the cafeteria food and will be switching them to stadium concessions. “Hopefully the students like the new menu!” she said.

Some faculty was asked what they thought about the menu and one of our school lunch ladies said, “I feel that this is such a ridiculous change. The new food is ten times less healthy. We need to be taking care of our students!”

A student who chooses to remain anonymous because her opinion may be considered controversial said, “When the news of the school color changed got leaked I was furious but now I think that it maybe a good change and a step in the right direction for the school.”

While this will be a drastic change for the school, all the sports teams will get new uniforms and the campus will be remodeled. New traditions will be set with this new color.