Arizona Officials Make Decision to Cancel All High School Sports

By: Alex Mascia
OwlFeed Journalist
Arizona official Shelly Sullivan stated in a press conference Friday March 9th, that starting in the 2018-2019 school year all Arizona schools will not have sports. Sullivan stated “Arizona students are at risk because these sports could cause them severe brain injuries.” This will have high school students very disappointed for the upcoming sports.png

Many parents are outraged that this decision has been passed. One parent of tasr athlete Michael McGee said: ¨This is a horrible thing to do to these young athletes by taking away their favorite thing to do.¨ Many of the parents of these star athletes are disappointed because the sports were to help with scholarships for college. Now that these students do not have sports to play after school, this raises concerns.

Students now after school could just be roaming the streets not having anything to do which could get them in a lot of trouble. Now that Arizona students do not have sports they must attend an hour of tutoring after school. One Arizona student said, ¨First they take away sports, not we have to go to an extra hour of school.¨

Arizona Officials realize that sports is just part of high school but they want the future to be great. Many parents also ask why they would take kids away from working out in these sports. Students now have to go from doing sports and having fun to going out on the streets and doing whatever they want to do.

This also raises concerns for many students grades, because to play sports they must be passing all classes, with grade checks. Now without sports many students will not have the drive to get good grades. Students may not even care what their grades are without them being able to play sports.