Rihanna’s Makeup Products Face Controversy

By: Elizabeth Sandoval
OwlFeed Journalist

On September 8th Rihanna released her makeup line Fenty Beauty. Recently fans of her product found out that her beauty products are not cruelty freeunnamed (9).jpg

A fan named Amanda Smith has put her opinion on this. “I think this is very uncalled for and totally didn’t expect this from her,” Smith said. Many fans have agreed that they “didn’t expect this from her.”

Rihanna has put out a statement saying “I’m sorry if I let anyone down by testing on animals. I will be sure to change things around in the company to no longer test on them.”

A fan named Avery Johnson has stated her opinion, saying “I would love to see change happening and that it would mean a lot if she finally stopped testing on animals.”

Now that fans have voiced their opinions on this and Rihanna put a statement out what do you think will happen?