Moon Truthers Believe What?!

Moon Truthers Believe What?
By: Yamilette Resendez

Woah, who would have thought that the government would try to contaminate our milk with chocolate during the solar and lunar eclipse.

But wait, is this true?598e19304655c.image

On August 21, 2017, we had a solar eclipse, which was something everyone will remember.

Moon Truthers (Moon truthers are a group of people who believe the moon landing was fake and that the earth a flat), they believe that “the eclipse was a government-made distraction while they added chocolate to our milk.”

According to the website WOW THAT IS MILK, Moon Truthers even believe that the moon is made out cheese, specifically mozzarella cheese (mozzarella is one of the main dairy product or cheese everyone uses). “The government has put some kind of chocolate additive in our milk, so we can’t trust the cheese we eat either” said Ryland in a interview on Wait What.

It said that President Donald Trump didn’t deny the accusations of putting chocolate in our milk. He actually said:

“Well, everyone loves milk and cheese just not those kiddos who are lactose, but we can easily change that too. The chocolate in the milk keeps them sane,” said President Donald Trump in the secret meeting.

There is actually footage of this. During the solar and lunar eclipse, a young man was recording the eclipse and saw a gallon of milk just cross the sky, sadly the video was taken down by the government since they didn’t want the people finding out.

The real question is why did they even bother to add the chocolate to our milk? Why during the eclipse? Did the eclipse do something special to our brains?

Some of these were actually answered by a man who decided to stay anonymous during a phone call when he hijacked into the radio station to expose the truth on the situation.

During this confrontation on the phone the man had said that:

“This isn’t the first time they used the eclipse to do something suspicious. On Feb. 26, 1979, they took advantage of the total solar eclipse to try to turn all our vegetables into pickles. Who knows what else they are hiding.¨

So is this some kind of a hoax or is the government really changing our produce during solar eclipses?