Overcoming Freshmen Fears

By: Dayshia Stratton and Eric Johnson
OwlFeed Journalists

Each new school year welcomes a freshmen to their school for 4 years. Upcoming freshmen have many feelings and thoughts about what high school is like based off of movies and TV shows.freshman fears

We hope this article will serve as a guideline for freshmen to read about how students very similar to them had dealt with the same exact fears the years before.

The only part that is difficult at all for new freshmen is ¨getting used to different classes and knowing where to go for those classes,¨ said Ryan Swanson, a freshmen at Agua Fria High School. This new stuff is the only hard part freshmen had with adjusting to when coming to a new school.

Since middle school does not show how much your grade actually impacts you, high school is where you learn all about that and it is shocking to new freshmen because they’re used to not caring about GPA until they come to high school and find out that every little thing works either for or against them.

Many freshmen fear being pushed around by the upperclassmen. ¨I am a freshmen, the bottom of the food chain,” said Josie Bundy. TV and movies give incoming freshmen the impression that upperclassmen are mean to freshmen.

Many new freshmen this year had feared about their grades and were not sure how they would be graded stepping into high school.

When those freshmen actually stepped into high school and had been here for their first month, they had realized that grading is not much different from middle school and many of them had relaxed and had gotten back into the school flow.

Other students, more so the boys, had fears of trying out for sports. Many of the freshmen boys this year wanted to try out for varsity teams which had put fears in them of having more pressure to be good in that sport. ¨I am playing with kids 17 to 18 years old and I am only 15,” said Ryan Swanson.

Grades and sports are not the only fears that many freshmen have before they walk into high school. Many freshmen who had a hard time in school fear coming to high school for the fact that their tormentors might be worse to them. One thing all the students have in common, even though their fears are different, is they were able to find a way to cope and make their fears disappear.

In the grades area, some students found ways to understand the way their grades work and how much they mean in our high school career. Josie Bundy said that by ¨having teachers who support me and interact with me,¨  she is able to have more of an understanding and less of a fear about grades and the workload that would go home.

For some students just being in a new environment where they could start again is how they had gotten over their fears of their former tormentors.

In the sports area, ¨I take my time and play like I know how to,¨ said Ryan Swanson. Many freshmen athletes should keep in mind that if they are going to try to play with the older kids, they should still remember to be themselves and not try to impress others just because you feel like you have to since you are a youngster on the team.

¨Freshmen year is one to remember!¨ said Michael McGehee.