5 Weirder-Weirder Foods That You Might Not Have Eaten

By: Hope Laborin
@Sherry Bomez

In our last list titled ‘5 More Weird Foods That You Not Have Eaten’ (please put link in title), we covered foods that were more on the odd side and it probably left you someone grossed out. However, in this list, we are taking a complete dive into the odd and gross and will be covering five more foods that you might not have eaten.

  1. Hakarl

    Harkarl (Photo Courtesy of Smart Food Map)

Hakarl is a Icelandic delicacy that is shark meat that is fermented and eaten. You’re essentially eaten rotten shark so you can imagine what it must smell and taste like. People often call the smell and taste overbearing and rancid, leaving many running for the hills or bathroom when offered this dish. This dish follows a Viking tradition and as when they first settled one of the things they had to eat was the Greenland shark, that lived the cold and icy waters.

However, one of the problems when it came to eating this shark is that its flesh is toxic. To get rid of these toxins, the shark is beheaded and placed in hole, where it is covered with stones, sand, and gravel. After about 6-12 weeks, the shark is then taken out and cut into long pieces, when it is then hung to dry for several months. To learn more about this dish click here and here.

2. Century Eggs

Century eggs are duck, quail, or chicken eggs that have been preserved in a saline

Century Egg
Century Eggs (Photo Courtesy of Tripadvisor.com) 

solution for any time from about a couple of weeks to a few months. The solution usually contains salt, clay, and lime. After they have been fermented and preserved the eggs turn a dark brown or black color. The white of the eggs turns dark and jelly like and is often clear while the yolk turns creamy and cheese like.

These eggs were said to have originated in china after being accidentally discovered during the Ming Dynasty. To learn more click here and here.

3. Coconut Worms

Coconut Worms (Photo Courtesy of YouTube)

Coconut worms are the larva of beetle called the rhynchophorus ferrugineus, or the red palm weevil, and are eaten in southeast asia, mainly Vietnam. They can be rotated, made into butter or flour fried dish, or they can be eaten alive soaked in sauce. These larvae are actually banned in certain parts of vietnam as they drill holes in coconut trees and leave them to die after they are past their larvae stage. However, despite it being banned in parts of Vietnam they are still served and eaten. To read more about this dish read here and here.

4. Giant Isopods

Giant Isopod.jpg
Giant Isopods (Photo Courtesy of SoraNews24)

Giant isopods are just what they sound. They are giant pill bugs and though they look like a bug it is actually crustaceans and are related to shrimp, and crabs. They live at depths of 550 tp 72020 feet under water and can grow to between 7.5 and 14.2 inches in length. They are eaten in Japan and are either fried or steamed. It is said they they taste like similar to a prawn or crab and that they smell similar to shrimp. To find out more click here, here and here.

5. Horse Meat

Why would someone eat a horse you may ask? Well you might find it odd , but horse is actually eaten in parts of Europe and Asia. America has a long lasting stance against the selling and consumption of horse meat and though it is not illegal eat it in America you might find hard to find.

Horse Meat
Horse Meat (Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)

It is mainly served in Central Asia, Italy, and in Japan, where it is also served and eaten raw as sashimi. To find out more about horse meat visit these site here, here, and here.

This concludes the the list and keep in mind that though to you some or maybe all of these food might seem disgusting and odd, they serve as a staple in different cultures and dishes around the world. Thank You for reading and remember to check our first two list cited here and here (put in link to second story).