A Senior Goodbye from Kallie Swanson: What Journalism Taught Me

By: Kallie Swanson
Senior OwlFeed Journalist

Journalism has taught me so so so many things, and Mr. Jovanelly has taught me even more. This class broadened my mind, and constantly pushed me out of my comfort zone. Which most of the time I needed. I was skeptical my first day in a journalism class, and I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I absolutely loved writing, and that’s all I knew. I knew nothing about the art of journalism when I sat in this class for the first time over 2 years ago.

actualkallie.jpgI grew up as an Agua Fria journalist, and now in my final week of high school I am still busting out and editing stories for the Agua Fria Owls Athletics site. I experienced high school in a deeper, more intense, and more knowledged manner; all because of Journalism.  I struggled, I laughed, I got over 100 likes on one of my stories, and I learned how strong of a writer I am.

Journalism changes your perspective on the world while challenging the way you think. This class taught me to question the press, and I now have the ability to sniff out fake news. I was always super outgoing, and even got a reward for it in the 5th grade. I was ¨Most Likely to be a Social Butterfly.¨ Which I definitely lived up too.

This class was always for me even before I sat in this desk the first day of my junior year. I met amazing individuals that this class pushed me to meet. People I would have never given the time of day prior to Journalism. I was meant to be a high school journalist. High school would have never been the same without this class.

This class pushed me to be a better me, and I am eternally thankful to Mr. Jovanelly for challenging me and teaching me how to be a journalist. Journalism changed my life, and I will never forget my high school journalism days. Enjoy every second, every interview, and every story you write because you´ll blink and you will be graduating. Signing off OwlFeed, its been real.