A Senior Goodbye from Eric Johnson: My Path to Volleyball

By: Eric Johnson
OwlFeed Journalist

Freshman year was definitely a crazy one. I started my high school career at North High School.   All my friends from middle school went to a different school so I didn’t really know anyone going into it. I took an intro to high school course the summer before starting freshman year. I made a few friends in there and still talk to a few of them to this day.  

IMG_1169.JPGDuring freshman year I met this girl and ended up dating her, she changed a lot about my thoughts about school. I started school doing alright but when she came along I did not focus on school work as much and began doing very poor. I was with her for about 2 years then we broke up.

I met a lot of really great friends during my first year, some that I still talk to and hang out with today. I did end up failing one class freshman year but I went to summer school and finished it. For the most part my freshman year teachers were all really great and I liked all of them. Also during my freshman year I started working out and doing a lot of weight lifting. My weight training coach was also the football coach and he asked me to come out to the spring workouts with the team. I did that for awhile but eventually decided it wasn’t what I wanted to do so I quit.

My sophomore year was really laid back and didn’t have a whole lot going on. I was still with the girl from freshman year and it was going well. I had the same people in my classes and met a few new people but generally had the same friend circle. My sophomore year for the most part was very uneventful. I had made good connections at the school with my counselor and teachers. One teacher, Mrs. Davis, was one of the best teachers I ever had during my freshman year and she helped me all through sophomore year. I probably wouldn’t have passed my classes without the help from her.

Junior year was pretty eventful I’d say for the most part. It was my first year at Agua Fria after transfering from North High School, and I didn’t know anyone at the school going in. Going from a school where it was all inside classes to Agua Fria where its all outside classes was a huge change for me. North High School’s campus only had 2 buildings for the main classes and 2 smaller ones for the extracurricular classes. At Agua Fria it’s very open and has tons of buildings and there’s not really a building where you enter the class from inside other than 2 buildings.

Meeting people was hard because I am an introvert but eventually I found people who had similar interests as me. The biggest thing that sucked about transferring to a new school was that North only required 22 credits so I was set to only have about 3 classes during my senior year there but Agua Fria requires 26 so I was actually behind credits upon transferring schools.

Also I started playing volleyball at Agua Fria. It has always been a dream of mine to play but I never went to a school that had a team and I didn’t know about club volleyball. I tried out for the team and made JV. I had only started playing during the open gyms that the coach was having during the school year leading up to the start of the season. I  didn’t really think I was going to make the team but I was very happy that I did.

Our record as JV wasn’t the best but it was a great experience and it really made me think about continuing in my senior year.

Onto senior year. I met amazing people here and I’m doing the best in school I’ve ever done. I played club volleyball during the off season at the start of the school year since school volleyball isn’t until the spring and club is during the fall. It was a pretty good experience and it got me thinking about playing in college.

The biggest event I guess that’s really happened during my senior year is just me playing volleyball. I’m doing well in my classes and my senior season of volleyball was a success. We made playoffs and if was definitely a season to remember.

I recently got a offer to go play volleyball for Brewton Parker College in Georgia. They offered me a pretty big athletic scholarship to play for them. I’m still thinking on taking that offer and I’ll know for sure by the summer. It’s been an incredible senior year and I’m excited to see what life has to offer me after high school.