Top Cult Films To Watch

By: Jaeden Andrade and Jesus De La Rosa
OwlFeed Journalist

As summer blockbusters and cinematic universes get closer to consuming our lives, we want to take the time to appreciate all the smaller cult films that are out there, whether they be good or bad.

House on Haunted Hill

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Vincent Price, The Merchant of Menace, and Director William Castle delivered a masterpiece in 1959, called House on Haunted Hill. This movie follows a group of people who all want to try to spend the night in a millionaire’s mansion, if they survive they get $10,000. T this time Vincent has been in the horror business for about 9 years and he wouldn’t stop until the 90’s!

Big Trouble in Little China

Kurt Russell stars as Jack Burton in this 1986 flick, He’s a truck driver who goes to the airport with his friend, Wang Chi. Somehow this results in them being dragged in a gang war and they have to save Wang’s girlfriend from evil sorcerer David Lo Pan. This is the fourth movie that John Carpenter and Kurt Russell were paired up in.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror has gained an enormous following since its release in 1975. The movie’s concept is absurd, a rock opera of sorts focusing on a young couple stumbling upon a transvestite alien trying to create a perfect man. The subject matter makes sense as to why it flopped, since at the time the imagery of Tim Curry in drag wouldn’t be as widely accepted, but the movie had charm and Curry’s Frank was the perfect, flamboyant villain that anyone would fall in love with. With catchy music numbers and weird costume designs, it’s a movie everyone should experience.


Hobgoblin is complete trash. There’s no other way to say it. It gained attention by appearing in cult tv show Mystery Science Theater 3000. While the other movies on this list could be watched alone, you should probably watch Hobgoblins with friends to make it more enjoyable, Mystery Science Theater style. With a confusing plot centered around a man letting loose a herd of little creatures called Hobgoblins. These little dudes can make your deepest desires come true, but they also kill you during the process. They terrorize a group of teens, and the movie ends in a nightclub turned war zone, with hand grenades and everything. Interesting concept I guess, terribly done, but worth a watch.


New York Times

Heathers is the perfect teenage comedy/drama, full of suicide, murder and a dysfunctional romance, all packed into one. Often described as being a darker version of Mean Girls (or since Heathers came out in the 80s, Mean Girls is the bubblegum version of Heathers), Heathers is a story of a clique of girls, three Heathers and a Veronica. Rich, popular and beautiful, the Heathers had it all, yet Veronica isn’t content. When she meets a new boy named JD, she quickly falls for him and his bad boy persona, when he pulls a gun on a group of jocks the first day he arrives.They soon get drowned in a plot that involves a lot of murder and a lot of greatly crafted dark humor. This is a great movie, and only falls into cult territory since it’s not widely recognized but it has a passionate and devoted following.