Feed My Starving Children – A Day in the Life of National Honor Society

By: Kallie Swanson
OwlFeed Journalist

¨Help turn hunger into hope with your own two hands by packing nutritious meal for hungry children around the world.¨ That is the motto at Feed My Starving Children mobile packing sites. This experience is life changing, and I would recommend it to every person I know.

Feed My Starving Children is based out of Mesa, Arizona. This service event holds mobile pack events, so people all around the Arizona area can participate. The event I had the honor of participating in was run by Summit Community Church in the Verrado Community. On April 15, National Honor Society travelled to Verrado to come together and feed over 400 children every day for a whole year.

In the beginning, of course you go over procedures. Hair nets are required, jewelry is prohibited, and gloves are used over hands. Safety first! There is a video on how to perform the task that you are assigned, and a video that is a real tearjerker. The video introduces you to a little kid who is malnourished and underweight, which hurts your heart. Then, after eating meals provided by Feed My Starving Children, the video displays her progress over a year’s time. Which makes it all completely worth your time, and hard work.

Kallie Swanson

The process is simple, but trust me it gets hot in there when you are packing boxes full of 32 bags of meals! The vibe is amazing, and full of people who are overall caring, incredible people. The process involves usually 5 people.

There are 2 people who are running the food scoopers. The food scoopers scoop vitamins, veggies, soy and rice. The scoopers go down the line scooping food into the funnel. The third person runs the funnel, and holds the bag tight while the food is poured into the back. The fourth and fifth volunteers are the weigher and sealers.

This event lasted around 3 hours, and at the end prayers are said over the boxes that are packed before they go on the long journey ahead of them. This event is beautiful, and your heart feels so full after you completed. You change lives. And this was an amazing event to end my term as a National Honor Society officer. Go out and participate in Feed My Starving Children. It is life changing.