Meet Angela Macias

By: Zianney Arellano

Owlfeed Journalist

Meet the mellow and sweet Angela Macias, a senior news reporter on our school’s Owl Feed team. This is Angela’s second year in Agua Fria’s journalism program. When asked why she decided to join a second year as a news reporter, she shared that she wanted to “expand her horizons” considering she had only ever written about books before. “I’m constantly reading articles about what is going on in the world, even when I’m supposed to be learning in class” she shared, “I thought that it would be good to try writing about that”.

Angela would describe herself as “a little cheesy”, kind, shy, analytical, and an avid reader.

Reading in itself has brought on changes that would not have occurred without the incorporation of books in her life. “Reading about going through difficult things brings perspective to you and allows you to learn from their experiences,” she said. “After reading you just kind of feel like a different person because you’ve gained from all that”.

The quote that has had the most significant impact on Angela is “It’s not the load that carries you down it’s the way you carry it”. The quote serves as a consistent reminder that she does not always have to feel down- she has the power to lift herself back up.

The woman that she looks the most up to in life is her mother. Her mother never let her kids know what she had gone through, but she still “had a big heart and would love you and care for you.” Even though her mother raised her children on her own, she always finds quality time to share with her children. “She always reminds me that if you do something kind, something kind will be done back to you”.

What advice is the biggest piece of advice she’d share? “Always try to be as understanding as possible because you don’t want to only understand one side, not knowing the other side. Learn how to understand how people work.” It is safe to say that Angela will accomplish great things for Owl Feed.