Meet Bryan Cornelio

By: Emma Parry
Owlfeed Journalist

About a Bryan (Specifically Cornelio)

Agua Fria is losing quite a few amazing students as The Class of 2019 prepares to graduate. One of such is Bryan Cornelio, the Managing Editor for the Opinion section at Owlfeed. This 19-year-old is working hard in these early weeks to keep himself on track for graduation, and have a blast his final year.

“I took this class this year because I’ve always been interested in Journalism… [and] this year I finally had an open schedule.” Cornelio said. He’s looking forward to the class and his position at Owlfeed because he has lots of strong opinions, and wants to share them. “I have a voice I can speak out, which is good because some people can’t,” he explained.

The high school Senior is getting busy to prepare for college. He’s taking three AP classes, and working hard to prepare for college. He’d like to attend NYU for psychology, or any other good university with that major. “I’d like to work someday work in the field of psychiatry. I want to help people.” However, that doesn’t mean he is in any rush to get his degree. “I’d like to go to college, but I’m also considering going into the Air Force.” Cornelio said. He wants to take his time, and save up money for his degree.

Bryan has had a lot of significant moments in his life, but the one that stands out the most was when he moved to America from the Philippines. “It was so different. [Coming here] really changed my point of view, and it made me more approachable.” He continues to say he’s looking forward to the opportunities he may have in life here. He’s going to take his time and enjoy every moment he has.

With that, Bryan is unlike most of the teens his age. When asked what he would do if he had $1,000,000 of tax free cash, he said he’d give half of it to his parents. “[I’d need to] learn how to handle wealth… So half for my family and half for financial stability… I wouldn’t buy a new car or phone because new things end.” He said multiple times that he wouldn’t be materialistic.  

Being born in 2000 makes Bryan fall under the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac. Within the western zodiac, he’s an Aries, and one of his favorite seasons is Fall. He used to play the drums at AFHS band, and one of is favorite things to do is watch horror movies. “The concept of horror films has always been interesting to me,” Bryan explained. Perhaps that’s why Halloween is his favorite holiday.

On the whole, Bryan Cornelio is a student to keep your eyes on.  His interesting history, intelligent demeanor, and overall fun personality mean he’s going far in his life. Who knows where he might end up next?