Meet Cora Kellenberger

By: Kaylie Langtry
Owl Feed Journalist

Cora Kellenberger, is a 15 year old sophmore here at Agua Fria who has a passion for volleyball and criminal justice.

Cora grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and shortly after have just living there for four years, her family packed up and hit the road to Levittown, Pennsylvania. When her family decided it was time for a change, they packed up their things for the second time, and headed towards the Sonoran desert.

After being to multiple schools, Cora finally settled here at Agua Fria High School, where she is now the news reporter for the Agua Fria OwlFeed. Although she said she “did not choose to be in the topic of news,” Mr. Jovanelly saw potential in her to become apart of the news reporter team. 

As Cora has been at Agua Fria for just a short time, she has already found her favorite class which is “math but to be more specific, it would have to be geometry, as geometry involves more drawings and understandable math,” Cora said.

When Cora is away from all the hustle and bustle of high school, she loves to play volleyball and play with her two English bulldogs, Gracie May and Butch. She said, “they are very ugly and breathe too loudly, but in a way they are adorable,”.

As she has three years left here at Agua Fria and has freshman year under her belt, her advice to the younger ones is to “have fun because high school doesn’t last and to get involved because you won’t get the full high school experience if you don’t.”

To get the full experience like Cora, it is important to make new friends and talk to new people, you never know that after interviewing and talking to someone for a short 25 minutes, you could have a new friend. Cora is a person that no matter who you are, if she knows you or not, will be willing to engage in any conversation. That is one characteristic that is important to have in high school, as it can be stressful and scary.

Cora has not decided what she wants to do after her time at OwlFeed and Agua Fria is done, but what she is set on is “becoming a police officer and going into criminal justice.” She was inspired to go into the justice system because of her uncle, but she “did not want to join the military,” Cora said.

Now that she has somewhat of an idea of what she wants to do later on down the road, in ten years Cora hopes to have “at least finished college or still be in college.” She doesn’t see herself, as of right now, having kids in ten years because she said they are “messy and can be very annoying,” but she knows that will change as she gets older.  She is a teen and is just “trying to have fun before actual life and adulting starts,” she said.

Cora is just one out of many students here at Agua Fria who show that being an owl not only means being a hard worker and dedicated, but at the same time, being able to let loose and just have fun in life. Just take in these words from Cora, “if you are not having fun, then you are not living”.