Meet David Menendez

By Julian Jones
Owlfeed Journalist

Meeting an aspiring doctor who is also a basketball fanatic is quite rare. However, in journalism class, I met exactly that, a true renaissance man. David Menendez is currently a sophomore whose antics shine above all his classmates. As a man with a plethora of interest and hobbies, he’s bound to vibe with anyone he comes in contact with.

For all you video game and basketball lovers out there, David Menendez proudly stated, “right now my favorite game is NBA 2k.” This didn’t come off as too much of a surprise however, as David also shared with me a heartwarming story about how he came to love the sport of Basketball.

David has an older brother in which he harbors great admiration for, an older brother he aspired to be like when he was younger, and because of this, his interest in basketball blossomed. David indulged me in the memory of when this happened, stating “When my brother was 13, I saw him playing basketball. I wanted to be just like him so I started playing Basketball too and I never stopped since.” Such a story is enough to bring a tear to the eye as some of you might be able to relate in the recalling of how you found the light in your passions. Moving on, as basketball isn’t the only thing about David that sets him apart from the rest.

David also shared with me about how he one day wants to be a surgeon, sharing tales of how he would always ask him mom “stuff about the body”. Although this may sound strange, David’s mom was not playing around. With David’s future in mind, she told him “you should be a doctor because you keep asking about it.” Little did she know, her words stuck with David to this very day as he now claims he wants to be a surgeon but he’s “not sure which part of the body I’m trying to specialize in yet.”

Apart from David’s plans for the future, he also likes to indulge himself in various forms of relaxation. David’s hobbies include reading and watching movies. David, like many others, especially loves the Star Wars Series. “My favorite episode has to be Star Wars Episode 3.” I think it’s safe to say, David’s quite the renaissance man, a modern day Davinci. He’s a future basketball star, surgeon, writer, and he has a great taste in movies, as one can objectively say the Third Episode of Star Wars had the best character development in the history of star wars.

Unfortunately there’s not much more of David Menendez’s life to be explored, but expect to see more of him in the future because he has big plans.