Meet David Segal

By: Natalie Tafoya
OwlFeed Journalist

Welcome a first year journalist, David Segal, a junior at Agua Fria High School. David Segal has been at Agua Fria since his very first day of high school and has been loving every second of it. David is a 16 year old with big goals to accomplish.

Before his high school career, David attended school at Wigwam Creek Middle School. A question that was asked was, “if you had the choice, would you still attend school?” With no hesitation, David answered that he would still go to school because of the wants of learning and knowing things.

While talking about his bright future, he mentioned that he wants to attend college on a golf scholarship. He also mentioned that even though he wants to experience college, college may not be for everyone. Some people may be better off getting where they want in another way such as trade school. Still on the topic of school, David admitted that he hates English. For some people, it comes easy for them but for David, it’s a struggle.

David also mentioned that he joined journalism for the wonderful Jovanelly that is said to be very helpful and laid back. Even though David wants to have a career in golf, he still believes that journalism will help him in the long run by giving him communication skills and writing strategies.

David spends his free time on sports such as golf, soccer, and volleyball to become better for our school’s teams. In soccer, he occupies the spot for midfielder and in volleyball, he is best as an outside hitter. Even though David participates in numerous sports, he focuses most on golf since he finds himself to be better at it and loves the mental game that comes along with it.

Being super involved in sports, David takes roll as a sports reporter in his journalism class. He was interested in the spot because he wants all the sports to be reported well and to keep our owl friends up to date with the specifics. Segal would love to pursue in his dream to become a professional golfer but since some things do not go as planned, he also mentioned his interest on becoming a pastor in his Christian community.

When David isn’t occupied by sports, he spends a lot of his time listening to his favorite type of music, christian rap, and more specifically, Andy Mineo. Luckily, he has been able to experience many concerts consisting of mostly christian rap. He did state that he prefers live music over music through headphones because it sounds better and you get a better experience.

Getting a little bit deeper into the life of David Segal, he aspires to be most like his Dad since he admires how hard working he is and how he is always consistent on getting things done. Sadly, he can’t be exactly like his dad, but he does want to be the best at what he does and be a wholehearted person, just like his Dad. Everyone experiences great things in life but a couple of things that really opened a new chapter in David’s life was when he won his first golf tournament last year, being baptized, and his little brother, Silas, which he gets along with just as much as brothers should get along.