Meet Jaeden Andrade

By: Carlos Johnson
OwlFeed Journalist

Agua Fria High School is full of students who enjoy their high school career, and cherish every moment of it. Jaeden Andrade, 17, is more than just that. Being a senior in high school, Jaeden, is very familiar with Agua Fria campus, clubs and people. Jaeden has been here since his Freshman year.

Jaeden joined journalism his Junior year. He “Liked it, and decided to do it again Senior year.” His love for journalism and media is crystal clear; he will be OwlFeed’s next Editor In Chief in the Spring Semester 2019.

Academically, Jaeden is very caught up with his grades, keeping the majority of his grades at an A and the rest at B’s. Jaeden plans to go to college after high school. His dream is going to college at The University of Hawaii. Since his dream is all the way in Hawaii, he would be okay with settling at Arizona State University or The University of Arizona. He plans in college would be majoring in “either journalism or environmental science. I really care about the environment.” He clearly proved his own statement, as he took Environmental Science his Sophomore year, and is now taking AP Environmental Science.

As previously said, Jaeden’s plans after high school is to go to college. After his college career, his dream is to move to Hawaii. When asked about kids and how many he wants, Jaeden said, “Maybe one [boy and girl].”

During his freetime, Jaeden does many different things. Outside of journalism, Jaeden loves video games. “I play a lot of Rocket League; I’ve played the game since it came out.  I also play Rainbow Six Siege, and I love Friday the 13th,” Jaeden said. Jaeden is also currently learning how to play the guitar. He received the guitar from a dear friend for his most recent birthday. He also enjoys skating. “I have two skateboards, a longboard, and a pennyboard. I use my longboard a lot.” Jaeden said.

Despite Jaeden’s plateful of activities during his high school career, he was also on the Agua Fria Golf Team his Junior year. He also has two dogs at home. The one in the picture is named Miklo, named after one his favorite movies released in 1993 “Blood in, Blood Out.” His other dog is named Fitzy. Fitzy is a pitbull lab mix. Jaeden believes that Fitzy is cuter than Miklo. He still loves both of his dogs.