Meet Jeslyn Larez

By Alex Mascia
OwlFeed Journalist

Jeslyn Larez is a Freshman here at Agua Fria High School. She has recently moved here from Santa Monica, California. One of Jeslyn’s many passions are to read and write. This is a big reason why she wanted to join journalism, saying ¨I’ve always had a passion for writing, which is perfect for Journalism because your always writing.¨

Her role for the Journalism class is to be a sports reporter and the assistant fundraiser, in order to report Agua Fria sports stories and to help raise money for the Journalism class. In her spare time she loves to craft and draw, and go outside with friends and play sports like softball and volleyball. Some of Jeslyn´s favorite music genres are rap and pop, and her favorite artists are lil xan and Billie Eilish. She has a dog named Bella, a hermit crab, and a snake named Herbert. In school she is very passionate about her english class, and loves to write.

Jesslyn describes herself as talkative, funny, and nice. She loves to write and craft in her spare time and she volunteers at the animal shelter on a weekly basis, saying, “I love volunteering their because it’s great for the animals.” She did this because she loves animals and helping them.

Her favorite foods are seafood and she loves fruit. A significant moment in her life was hanging out with her grandparents before they passed away. When she grows up their were two possible career choices that came to her mind were, being an orthopedic being an orthodontist.

She wants to do these for the military because she wants to help her country in the future. Her favorite teacher over the years is Mr. Jovanelly and she has only known him for a month. She thinks of him as a really nice and funny teacher.

Moving from California, she does not know a lot of people her, but she has made a lot of new friends and loves Agua Fria. She loves watching the Mexican Soccer Club when they play. She has a baby brother named Bentley who is 5, and a big sister, Kyra, who is 15. She has a great relationship with her mom, who she lived in California with. She said “My mom is very hard working, and is a very nice person.”